Hair Experiment: I Oiled My Low Porosity Hair Every Day for a Week

oiling low porosity hair

Every winter I battle with never-ending dryness. In the summer my hair thrives in the Carolina humidity, but then once the colder months roll around it struggles to survive all over again. I’d heard that misting your hair daily can keep your hair moisturized and was instantly curious. In my mind there was no way that misting my low porosity hair would get moisture into the cuticle layer. I had so many reservations about this process.

Wouldn’t all that oil weigh down my fine strands? What’s the point of spraying my hair everyday when the cuticle won’t open to receive it? I decided to try it anyway. I was desperate, what did I have to lose?

I misted my hair twice a day with Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. (Have you tried it? It smells absolutely divine!) I had a convenient little travel size bottle which made it really easy to mist on-the-go!

Even though I was skeptical, what I found was that my hair began to feel softer with each passing day.

I used a couple squirts of my winter oil mix as well — a blend of castor oil, almond oil, and EVOO. I focused on my ends for a little added protection, and worked some through the length of my hair as well. If I was away from home when it was time to moisturize, I also had a little bottle of Argan oil that I used as my sealant.

Even though I was skeptical, what I found was that my hair began to feel softer with each passing day. My hair wasn’t weighed down and greasy like I thought it would be. I should also point out that I lost some definition on my twist-out during that week and started rocking a loose bun to compensate.

When it came time to wash my hair (I kept this up for about 8 days because, well, life) I did notice that it took a little more effort for my hair to get that clean feeling. It didn’t feel greasy, but there was definitely some buildup.

Although my technique wasn’t perfect, something definitely worked. My hair felt less dry when it came time for wash day, and detangling was a bit easier as well. For fine hair like mine, I’d suggest using lighter oils. I plan on redoing this technique in the summer with lighter oils.

Have you tried this technique? How did your hair respond?

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