Wash Day: Low on Hair Products? No Problem!

no shampoo washing hair

So today is wash-day and you realize you forgot to make that much needed trip to the store to pick up your trusty shampoo, conditioner, and styler. So what’s a curly girl to do? I havethree suggestions that’ll save you each and every time you’re in a bind! My method uses easy, accessible, and useful household items that you can use in place of your favorite conditioner or styler.

My first suggestion it to make your own conditioner using food you probably already have in your kitchen! Making a concoction is fairly simple and just as good as natural products you may buy on the shelf. For example, I came across YouTube vlogger, LipsticknCurls’ (Jade Kendle), video on homemade deep conditioner using bananas, honey, mayonnaise, olive oil, and eggs.

Another option is try to stretch your wash-day as much as you can! Luckily, curly hair textures can withstand longer periods of time without washing out hair – it doesn’t get oily quickly. If you can, spray water all over your hair and try to gently comb out or finger detangle your curls as much as you can. Then part your hair in sections and braid or twist the hair in order to get a pretty wavy affect when you take it down the next day.

I’ve found that the wetter the hair, the better the definition will be. Curly textures easily conform to whichever way the hair is braided or twisted – our hair is so versatile! The only “negative” side would be applying water and re-braiding or re-twisting every night to ensure definition the next day, but it’s not much different from an overnight protective style! If all else fails, the go-to top knot or high bun works just as well, and is personally my favorite hairstyle in between washes.

The third and final suggestion is for curlies who are in need of a styler. There have been many times that I’ve ran out of my styler/gel/milk, etc. and need a quick fix to ensure my hair is nourished, moisturized, and defined to my liking. The trick?… Use Oils! Essential oils are easily accessible and versatile, especially for curly hair.

My favorite oil is, of course, coconut oil. It smells amazing and does its job! It will leave your hair happy and healthy. Another oil that you probably have in your kitchen is olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. This oil is also good for a pre-shampoo ensuring your scalp is well hydrated and ready to be cleansed. Other oils that I recommend checking out are jojoba, avocado and almond.

Remember, if you’re in need of a conditioner or styler for whatever reason, making your own conditioner by using common products in your kitchen is always and option. Stretching your wash day by utilizing braid outs/twists out as well as protective styles will allow you skip that dreaded wash day and still maintain your fabulous curls.

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