The New Natural’s Guide to Night Time Hair Care

night time hair care routine

For those New Naturals out there you may not realize that your night time hair routine can make a huge difference when styling your hair in the morning. Too many nights have I awoken to frizzy, half dried, and no definition hair. But, thankfully, I have recognized that the way I treat my hair at night is key to beautiful hair in the morning.

There are a lot of nighttime techniques that naturals use to preserve their hair while sleeping. Below, I will list a few of my favorites.


The bonnet has been around for as long as I can remember! I even used it when my hair was permed and it continues to be one of my favorite and mostly used nighttime hair products. The bonnet aids the hair in maintaining moisture, reducing frizz, keeping edges intact and protecting from breakage. Most bonnets come in satin or silk and either will work for the hair.


A natural’s staple; the two strand twist is a great way to keep definition in the hair overnight. If you’ve had your hair in a curly fro all day or you noticed that your hair is losing its curl then just throw in a couple of two strand twist at night before you sleep to preserve your style. You don’t have to reapply product or make the twists super tight – the goal is to just maintain the existing curl pattern :)


A fairly new method of preserving the hair overnight, the pineapple method works by loosely tying the hair in a high pony to preserve the curls and shape of the hair. I have tried the pineapple method but I just can’t seem to get the technique down, plus, my hair is still in that awkward TWA length. Don’t worry though, if you have shorter natural hair that doesn’t seem to work for the pineapple method then check out fellow Curly Ambassador Brianna on her pineapple method tips for shorter natural hair.


Before I put my bonnet on I will make sure my hair doesn’t feel overly dry and if it does, I will just run a light oil through my hair to give it that extra moisture that it is lacking. My favorite oils for night time are grapeseed oil and coconut oil.


Recently, a lot of naturals have opted to start doing their wash n’ go at night because it saves on time and drying during the day. This a great night time hair care routine because your hair in the morning will be clean, moisturized and ready to go!

Night time hair care may seem trivial or some may consider it a common sense thing to do, but I have quite too often been too sleepy or happen to fall asleep out of nowhere without properly prepping my hair for night. As naturals, just make sure you have a night time hair care routine that you like and if you have any routines that are new or happen to work really well, then share with your curl friends! We can all use the extra hair care advice!

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