How to Change Your Natural Hair Regimen for Fall

natural hair products for fall

Barrh… just like that the coldness has fast approached us and it is no joke that the autumnal month is minutes around the corner. Listen, I hear you, I feel your pain, and the slight chill has a lot of people feeling like man what happened to the weather. Nevertheless, it’s all right. It is time to start thinking about changing or adapting your natural hair care routine and what perfect time to consider doing this than now to keep your curls healthy, strong, and popping. I’ll share my tips, tricks and natural hair products for Fall.

That transitioning from sheer hotness to sheer coldness is no joke, and for many naturals you may be thinking, “my hair is feeling dry and in great need of some tender love and care!” Look on the bright side though, this is a great opportunity to keep your curls in a protective style. Hey when you start to do this you may start to see some length retention… I’m just saying.


Since your hair has gone through all that harsh climate change and your hair has been exposed to all the elements, it may be a great starting point to incorporate pre-pooing into your hair care regimen. Pre-pooing with a hot oil treatment is a great way to help moisturise your scalp and help to keep your scalp healthy. I would recommend at this point to conduct a scalp massage to help stimulate hair growth and blood flow throughout your scalp.

I like to create a mix using coconut oil or jojoba oil, I like to add some peppermint drops into the mix and warm the oil for a couple of seconds, and then apply this to my scalp, massaging it in, lard it is so good, it feels so relaxing.

Product Recommendation

Vita Good’s Scalp Invigorating Brush would be a great splurge, you can apply the oil to the brush and start to massage that product into your scalp. Allow the oil to settle into your hair overnight, then rinse your hair out the next day ready for the cleansing stage. It is a great thing to incorporate into your regimen and is very relaxing. Allow at least 10 minutes of your time when doing this.


By now your hair should be feeling supper soft, nice to touch and ready for the next stage of action, now the fun begins! Reach for your sulphate free shampoo to really cleanse that scalp and help keep it clean and fresh. Pre-pooing your hair will help to keep in as much moisture as possible so that when you start to cleanse your hair, your hair will not feel stripped in any way. You may want to conduct a clay wash if this is your preference to really clarify your scalp.


You may want to do an apple cider vinegar rinse (add an essential oil to the mix) to help cleanse and soothe your scalp – this is optional but highly recommended!

Deep Conditioning

The most important step and one you should never miss… deep conditioning. Find a deep conditioner that is tailored to your hair’s needs. So, if you have color in your hair and your hair feels dry, try to use a deep conditioner that is tailored to that need. Do apply a generous amount to each section and apply a plastic cap and sit under a hooded steamer. This will allow the product to saturate into your scalp.

There are many other methods you can use to deep condition your hair like warming a towel in the microwave and placing it on top of a plastic shower cap. A really good investment though is a deep conditioning cap, but if you can splash out more invest in a good solid hair steamer.


As we approach the finish line, you’re probably wondering how to exactly style your hair this season. I will be wearing my in a protective hair style to help keep in as much moisture as possible, plus I don’t want to manipulate my hair as to retain length. You can do twists, braids, and so on (you get the picture;).

You will want to pay attention to your hair’s porosity, this plays a great factor on how well your hair keeps hold of as much moisture. So, if you are doing a protective hairstyle and you have low porosity hair, you may want to relax on using multiple products and narrow it down to just using two products. This can be your leave-in conditioner followed by a cream or a styler, or your leave-in conditioner followed by an oil.

If you have high porosity hair you will want to conduct a LOC or LCO method to lock in all the moisture for longer. High porosity hair loseS moisture just as quick as it can retain moisture, so doing the LCO method will be an excellent thing to incorporate into your regimen.

And there you have it. Your curly hair is ready for Fall! What will you be doing this season to keep your natural hair healthy? Comment below.

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