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natural hair care for african american children

There’s so much hair care information out there, some if it good, some of it bad, some of it downright inaccurate! It’s JUST not easy to find useful information on how to take care of your child’s hair. As our children continue to grow, it is important for us to teach them proper hair care techniques and how to love their curls, as well as educating ourselves. Building on the knowledge we already have can begin to instill positive values in our little ones so they too can realize their beauty from the inside out. Here are some children’s natural hair care resouces:


Kinki Kreations: A Parent’s Guide to Natural Black Hair for Kids
Jena Williams is an award winning stylists who decided to take the techniques she has learned from the business and compile it into a book. She gives easy step-by-step interactions on styles that can be done in a matter of minutes. In addition to these helpful styles provided in this book, Jena also gives advice on caring for infants hair and proper washing techniques.

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A Parent’s Guide to Beginning Natural Hair Styling
This name is definitely no stranger to the game when it comes to kids hair care. Rory Mullen gives those with kids a broad range of information in aiding to taking care of their child’s hair. Whether your child is biracial or has kinky-coily hair, this book is an excellent guide for hair styling and maintenance techniques. To accompany this best selling book, you can also find out more information about Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care on their website or you can check out the YouTube channel.

Big Hair, Don’t Care
This is a really great book on building self esteem. The creative author Crystal Swain-Bates speaks of Lola’s adventures and her love for her big hair. This book will remind your child how it is okay to be different and stand out in a crowd.

The Adventures of Moxie Girl
An inspiring back story all its own, seven year old Natalie McGriff wrote a comic book about a girl who has curly hair with super powers. If, the message on self-esteem is not enough to make you buy this book consider the plot. This was all brought to the public eye at a crowdfunding festival, which we are sure glad she won.


Natural Hair Kids
Natural Hair Kids is a great online resource that offers parents a valuable resource into starting their kids on their hair journey. It starts with the basics of building a regimen and hair typing as well as recommended hair products and tutorials along the way. The site is very user friendly, and you can find almost anything you are looking for when it comes to your child’s hair.

Kidz With Curlz
KidzWith Curlz is another awesome website that sheds light on helpful hair advice for the kiddos. Not only do they provide healthy hair care techniques, but they also sell some pretty cute apparel for your kids to promote that “Natural Hair is Beautiful” even further.
Our Kids section has useful tips, product reviews and articles to help you master your little one’s hair care needs.


Even though I am an adult myself, I find the techniques and products Nadine uses in her videos very helpful. Not only is her YouTube channel helpful and inspiring, but it also very entertaining with the intro skits. Nadine has two daughters who are frequent models for the styles she teaches us. In addition to a newborn son, where she gives great advice about caring for an infants hair.

A best selling book mentioned above, this YouTube channel has really taken off as it provides as the best compliment to Rory’s blog. Her adopted daughter boo is the star of these videos, and I must say these styles turn out to be awesome and I sure wish I will be able to try some of these some day.

Blogging Curls Understood eBook

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