Accessorizing Your Curls with this Season’s Trends

Although it may seem far away with the winter storms coming and going, spring trends are in full effect. For many, spring trends can pose a challenge because, if you’re like me, you have no clue how to incorporate your natural hair into the latest trends. Luckily, it seems like this year’s natural hair accessories and trends were made for the natural women of the world.

The trends this spring are all inspired by the decades, more specifically the 1970’s. From the floral prints, to the return of such classics like gingham and simple stripes, I’ll show you some of my favorite trends and how to accessorize your hair for the perfect combination of spring and natural.

The first trend involves floral prints. Whether in shirts, skirts, accessories, and even shoes, floral prints have come back in a major way. The best way to accessorize your hair with this trend is to add a flower crown. Something simple, you want a flower crown that isn’t too much and doesn’t overpower the floral prints you’re already wearing. Add a simple baby blue flower crown to a basic white tee and a bold floral pencil skirt. Add a funky accessory with a nice simple flat or heel and you have have a great outfit for a day out on the town!

The second trend is all about the classics. This year, my favorite classic that has returned is the stripes trend. Stripes are a great look for spring because they can be made into something fun and playful. The best look for your hair to compliment stripes would be a bold statement accessory in your hair. You can do what I did and combine the floral trend with your stripes. This time, I went for a bold flower headband to pair with some fun colors in the a simple striped dress. You can go big with your accessory or go for something simple. Either way, adding a fun single floral piece to your hair adds a fun and exciting aspect to your outfit. Any colors and patterns in your dress will work all depending on the dress you choose and what look you’re going for. Add some basic shoes such as wedges to add to such a fun outfit.

The last trend is all about taking it back to the 70s. Although they’re simple and basic, a baby doll dress or waistless dress can make a bold statement in an outfit and paired with the right accessories, can take an outfit from good to great. I decided that the best way to rock your hair with such a retro dress would be to scarf it up. Take the 70s trend and one up it this spring with a funky and patterned scarf. It’ll add add a bit of sass and bold attitude to such a simple look. A simple white baby doll dress, long sleeve shirt, and a pair of open toed booties will go a long way paired with a scarf with your hair.

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