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As a curly girl, I’m often on the hunt for new products. I truly feel that if we stick to a product for a long period of time without switching it up a bit, our hair becomes super-accustomed to it and no longer works as great as it did. For example, think of exercising, if you keep doing the same workout, your body becomes used to it and you lack in getting the results you are looking for. Same thing goes for hair products, in my opinion. This is why I was elated to be introduced to the Mixtina Shampoo and Conditioner.

At first the name threw me off, Mixtina? I am not mixed, if this is a product for mixed/biracial girls. But I found that it was for women with multicultural hair. One of Mixtina’s missions is to address the diversity of curls. And we all know from a history of hair typing, no curl is the same, we even find multiple curl types in our own hair! I was sent Mixtina Hair Care’s shampoo and conditioner, which promises to soften, moisturize and assist in defining 2A-2C, 3A-3C and 4A-4C curl patterns, without stripping the hair of its natural essential oils. Sounds good to me!


Mixtina’s shampoo for Mixed, Multi-ethnic, Multi-cultural hair is a specially formulated sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and nothing short of amazing. As a heavy-handed product junkie, I often finish my products super-fast, but with this shampoo a little goes a long way! Once my hair was damp enough and I added the shampoo, it provided the perfect amount of lather to cleanse my scalp thoroughly.

When rinsing my hair, I was happy to find that my hair didn’t feel stripped or dried out; it felt soft, supple and hydrated. Although it falls pretty low on the ingredients list, if you are a coconut oil fan, you would be happy to know that it was used when formulating the shampoo; which is often a plus for our coconut oil-obsessed naturals.


The conditioner is actually my favorite! It doubles up as a conditioner and a leave in conditioner, which I can appreciate. As a conditioning agent, it has incredible slip! Us, natural girls are always looking for great slip and a conditioner that allows you to use a small amount. You have that in this moisturizing 18oz bottle of creamy rich conditioning goodness.

I have a lot of hair and able to use about a quarter size dollop to work it throughout my entire head. But used as a leave-in conditioner is more amazing! It gives you enough moisture to allow your hair to feel soft and makes it easy to detangle.


I add about a quarter size of the conditioner to my water bottle and spray my hair with the mixture before adding my styling product. This makes it easier to detangle the hair and helps with defining your curls.

Both the shampoo and the conditioner make and keep the hair soft, moisturized and manageable. In all honesty, my only issue with the products is the smell. Everyone’s tolerance to smell is different of course, but I am willing to try their scentless products. And I love that they have that option available!! These products are definitely worth it, especially for curly hair or multi-racial curlies who have had trouble finding the perfect-cleansing agents for their hair type.


Shampoo: Mixtina Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo for use on mixed, multicultural hair on all curl patterns. Ingredients such as coconut,and fruit oil cleans your hair without stripping it of its essential oils. This allows you to achieve silky, soft manageable curls. Mixtina Shampoo contains no sulfates or parabens and is gentle and moisturizing. It also has a great Orchinda (Orchid) scent. Combine it with Mixtina Conditioner for simply amazing, beautiful curly hair. All our shampoos are sulfate free. Cruelty Free: No animal testing.

Conditioner: Mixtina Conditioner is a specially formulated conditioner for mixed hair on all curl patterns. Our one-of-a-kind conditioner will detangle your hair, eliminate “fly-aways” and keep your hair silky and soft. You won’t believe how luxurious and rich your beautiful curly locks will look and feel after you use it. This conditioner can be used as a regular conditioner or as a “leave-in”.

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