3 Benefits Milk Provides for Natural Hair

milk and natural hair

Milk has been used in beauty regimens since the days of Cleopatra. It’s been said that the ancient Egyptian queen bathe in milk because of its advantageous qualities for skin. Just as milk is beneficial for skin, it is also a great source of nourishment for hair.

Additionally, like most natural ingredients, milk is readily available and cheap to obtain. Therefore you can use products made with various forms of milk with abundance. You can buy 100% natural milks anywhere from Target, Walmart to Walgreens or any specialist health store. You can either drink milk (super boring but beneficial) or you can make your own hair milks using coconuts, almonds, cashews etc.

The following 3 types of milk have a host of nutrients that are favorable for healthy hair.



Organic cow milk is rich in calcium, protein (namely whey and casein), phosphorus, Vitamin A & B, and magnesium. This nutritious mix helps keep dry and dull hair at bay. Adding organic milk to your hair care regimen will moisturize your hair, give it a healthy shine, and tame your frizz.



Coconut milk is a fatty substance and is also high in protein. These wholesome properties enable coconut milk to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. Coconut milk’s fatty nature also makes it a powerful moisturizer that treats itchy scalp, softens hair, and aids in detangling.



Almond milk is produced from soaking almonds in water. This well balanced substance is packed with protein, fatty acids, Vitamin A & E, and calcium. These amazing components team up to strengthen and repair hair, minimize shedding, and moisturize hair. You can actually use many types of nuts to create milk, for example cashews.

What is your favorite kind of milk to add to your hair regimen?

milk and natural hair


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