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I’m coming to you with another fun and exciting product review. If you follow my blog, or my IG account, you know that I’m and Curly Ambassador for Curls Understood. I was sent the Lottabody Shape Me Custard Gelee to review from the newly revamped Lotta Body hair care line.

I’ve been noticing that this hair care line has come back with full force! As a child, my grandmother (a beautician) and my mother (also a beautician) would use Lotta Body setting lotion on my relaxed hair for roller sets! I can remember my curls being bouncy and full… All the little girls at school always drooled over my full curls. They now have a full hair care line catered towards women who wear their hair in its natural texture as well as relaxed.

This is a 7 oz product, in a round container. The price is $4.99, which is excellent for the amount of product you receive. Upon opening this product, I immediately noticed the smell. The smell is of a fruity scent one I cant quite describe. I just know that it smells very, very good.

The consistency of the product is sticky and gelatin like.(They definitely picked the right name for this product).

Here are the Product Benefits:
• Long-lasting hold
• Tames friz
• Adds moisture
• For relaxed & natural hair

On freshly washed hair, I divided my hair into a series of sections to apply the product. I decided to do smaller twists all over my head in order to make sure that the product was distributed all the way through.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Custard Gelee. This product gave me a very defined, soft twist out with no residue and no flaking. I would give this product a 10/10. I have absolutely no complaints and this product does exactly what it says its going to do.



Coconut and shea oils deeply hydrate hair from the inside out, leaving hair soft and nourished with brilliant shine. Provides long-lasting hold while adding moisture to textured and straight hair. Enhances manageability and shine by taming frizz and adding moisture. Will not leave hair greasy, sticky, or crunchy.

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