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lottabody cleanse co-wash

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This week I tried the new Lottabody Cleanse Me Co-Wash. I was pretty skeptical at first because I’ve had so many negative shampoo experiences that the idea of a pre-packaged “co-wash” seemed like a gimmick. But when I tried this product, I was pleasantly surprised, so much so that I had to try it twice!

The co-wash is enriched with coconut and shea oils and promises to:
• Leave hair clean and moisturized
• Tame frizz and add shine
• Detangle and condition
• Protect colored hair
• Leave hair with no shrinkage

Also it is made with
• No sulfates
• No parabens

That’s a tall order for a 10 fl oz. bottle.


For my 4b bra strap length kinky-coily hair, the product left my hair thoroughly clean and pleasantly moisturized. I sectioned my hair off into four, and pumped the product into each, finger detangling while scrubbing my scalp. I then left the product in my hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it out.

I found that while detangling, my hair had great slip, and lacked the dry chemical feeling that I often feel after using shampoo. After rinsing, my hair felt soft but not saturated. I honestly couldn’t believe that I had only used one product.


The Lottabody Cleanse Me Co-Wash definitely cleansed my hair and scalp, but as someone who values extra moisture, I would probably use this product as a substitute for my shampoo, and continue to use my staple conditioner. Another small concern was the fact that for my hair type and thickness, I had to use two pumps per hair section, so the product may not last too long. This however, is offset by its great price at $4.

I’ve never used any Lottabody products before, but they seem like a great brand, and I love their commitment to quality and affordability. Although I can’t attest to its “no shrinkage” claim or color protection feature, I would give this product an 8.8 and would definitely use it again.

If you are looking to downsize your product shelf or are often on the go, give this product a try and comment with your results below!


Enriched with Coconut and Shea Oils, this formula deeply penetrates and hydrates hair, leaving hair soft and nourished with a brilliant shine. This cleansing conditioner gently cleanses and removes product residue while hydrating hair. Lottabody Co-Wash is perfect for all hair types including natural, relaxed or color-treated hair.


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