Kid’s Edition: The Coily Fro

We discovered this great tutorial that showcases how Martini styles her daughter Ken’s Kinky hair with flexi rod curls. The results are perfection and mirror The Coily Fro – the adult’s version of this hairstyle that we posted a few days ago. We always try and create kids natural hairstyles that mimic the adult ones.

Just as Ken’s mom states, this style is best done in small sections so the hair around the flexi rods has time to dry. If you add the rods early in the day they will dry by your kid’s bedtime, leaving them flexi rod free! Another benefit to curling, twisting or setting smaller sections is that they last a lot longer giving you more time between styling.

To achieve this style use a combination of a moisturizer such as Shea Moisture’s Kids Curling Butter Cream, a light oil such as Now’s Avocado Oil and gel for hold like Fruit of the Earth’s Aloe Vera Gel…


Be sure to follow Ken on YouTube at Curly Uncurly and on Instagran @CurlyUuncurly.

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