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jirano beauty product review

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As a recovering product junkie I don’t dip and dab in new hair care products that often but when given the opportunity to try Jirano Beauty’s natural hair care line, filled with moisture and protein heavy ingredients like coconut oil and keratin — I thought, it could never hurt to hydrate and strengthen, right? Of course not, and I’m glad I did because I loved it!

Before using the products, I went over to www.Jirano.com to check out the company and learn a little more about the mindset behind the brand. I liked that their website went into great detail to explain to customers how the products are developed and why they’ve chosen their staple ingredients.

According to the Jirano’s site, each product is infused with coconut oil and keratin to help properly moisturize and strengthen your hair. They’ve kept both nature and science in mind when developing products to ensure each hair care item provides your kinks and curls with the essentials they needs to remain healthy and strong.

“When Keratin is combined with Coconut Oil, these two hair essentials are unbeatable! Your hair will be healthier, shinier, detangled, hydrated and manageable.” – Jirano website.

I was given the Jirano Curl Care Coconut shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner to add to my haircare regimen. At first, I skeptical of the shampoo simply because I’m weary of harsh cleansers that can strip and dry the hair, but I wanted to be fair and give the entire system a try.

To my surprise, the thick and creamy shampoo felt great in my hair and once rinsed out, left my 4C curls feeling moist and manageable. I followed up with the Silky Coconut Conditioner, which Jirano suggest leaving in for three to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly and I really liked the results. It left my hair feeling soft, and easy to detangle without using tons of product for adequate coverage.

My final and favorite product in the system was the Curl Care Leave-In Conditioner. This creamy, non greasy leave-in was great on freshly washed and smelled like warm vanilla. It worked wonderful on when applied the next day to boost moisture and bring curls back into my hair. I also used it before bed to keep my hair hydrated throughout the night.

The only complaint that I had after using the Jirano line is that the products didn’t really add any shine or luster to my hair as promised however, that’s a small con on a list filled with tons of pros.

Overall, I think Jirano is a great product for us girls with kinky hair and would even go the extra mile to say that it’s comparable to some of the more popular moisture heavy brands on the market. So, if you’re looking for a product that will keep your hair hydrated, and provide manageability without weighing your curls down, give Jirano a try.


Jirano Coconut Shampoo
Jirano Coconut Shampoo is great for keeping your curls moisturized, by retaining your natural oils. But your hair needs to be cleaned properly and lovingly. Balance is key for your curls!

Coconut Leave In Conditioner
This special formulation delivers conditioning, hydrating and smoothing agents immediately to your hair, resulting in unbelievably soft, healthy hair with defined curls and no tangles!

Silky Coconut Conditioner
Jirano® Silky Coconut Conditioner is a luxurious, creamy, rich, formula that quenches dry hair. This unique formula combines moisturizing ingredients that instantly penetrate your hair shaft leaving you with less breakage, soft smooth texture, manageable, more defined curls – naturally.

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