Is Going Natural A Trend?

is going natural a trend

Before all the naturalistas come for me, I am NOT saying don’t go natural, I am saying to do it for the right reasons. Every so often I scan a few of the most popular natural hair pages on Instagram and many women will comment that they want whatever hairstyle is pictured above.

The thought of the hairstyle is great and I am elated that so many women want to care for their hair in its natural state but please be aware of the commitment you are signing yourself up for. Also, don’t expect that what works for one person will work for you or for the results to be the same.

I know many of my natural sisters will agree with me when I say that caring for your natural hair is time consuming. On average, you can be waiting for a twist out or bantu knot out to dry for two days. If you decide not to use heat then life does not stop because you want to air dry, you either have to go outside with the twists or wrap your head with a scarf.

Don’t go natural because it’s trending. Trends change.

Additionally, products will get costly, not new malaysian bundle costly but you will have to test some products to see what works best for your hair type. Youtube videos are just a guide to show you how products can be used; trial and error will best help you to solidify a hair regimen that will stimulate growth and health. And this takes what, yes bringing us back to that time I was referring to.

Next, patience, lots and lots of patience because in the middle of trying to get those perm rods on or installing your crochet braids you will get annoyed at some point(most likely when your arms are cramping) but it will be worth it in the end.

Last but not least, confidence and love. The world is starting to accept the tightly coiled hair like they love the loose curls, but don’t let the world tell you what to love about yourself. As long as you feel beautiful and have an attitude that reflects the same, nothing can stop you. Not the failed wash and go, not the flexirod set that never set, nothing.

Again, don’t go natural because it’s trending. Trends change.

Written by Ticiah Niles

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