Infinit Pro by ConAir: Hair Designer 3-in-1 Styling System

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As a 4c kinky hair chick, learning to love my hair and embracing shrinkage has been a work in progress. I’m getting there, but sometimes I just can’t deal or I just feel the need to switch it up especially when those tangles and single strand knots get on my last nerve. So, I decided to invest in the Infiniti Pro by Conair hair designer 3-in-1 styling system.

This dryer features a 3-in-1 styling attachment which dries, straightens and adds shine with ease. Before finding this tool, doing a blow out on my hair was a total nightmare, the Denman brush in one hand and the blow dryer in the next made me pray for another limb. This tool allowed me to do all the work with the two hands God gave me, faster and in one go.

I used this tool on damp, freshly washed and conditioned hair. After sectioning my hair and applying a heat protectant, I went right in with the dryer on low heat and passed my hair through the attachment relatively quickly to minimize the chance of heat damage. This tool worked really well for my kinky hair type especially after putting my hair in manageable sections. This attachment did everything it said it would, leaving my hair dried, stretched and super shiny.

The one downside I found was cleaning the attachment. On my first time using this tool, I used a creamy leave in conditioner that left a lot of product build up on the plates which was difficult to remove. I eventually got rid of the majority using a dry toothbrush which allowed me to get in between the ceramic plates. Therefore, I would recommend using a liquid leave in or heat protectant to protect you hair prior to using this dryer attachment.

With such great results, I have added this styling tool to my hair regimen for those days when I wish to stretch my koils. I will give this product a 9 since clean up was not fun at all. However, this could all be minimized by using a liquid leave in or heat protectant as opposed to a creamier product.


The Infiniti Pro by Conair hair designer 3-in-1 styling system features 1875 watt tourmaline ceramic technology which reduces styling time. It also features tourmaline ceramic technology that helps minimize heat damage creating shiny, healthy-looking hair.

It includes a patented 3-in-1 styling attachment that dries, straightens, and shines. 4-position tension control adjusts to your hair thickness while the 360-degree rotating head makes for easy use. It also features a cool shot button that helps lock styles in place, 2 heat/speed settings for custom styling on all hair types, no-slip grip for easy styling and control, and a concentrator attachment for pinpoint styling.


• Reduces styling time
• Minimizes heat damage
• Dries, Straightens and Shines

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