Hydratherma Naturals: Aloe Curl Enhancing Cream

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On my first natural hair journey I didn’t have a clue about styling my hair in its natural state so like most naturals we tend experiment and get ideas from watching online tutorials. While searching for a particular style, I came across a tutorial by Saleemah Cartwright, co-founder and creator of Hydratherma Naturals hair care collection. Not only did her tutorial help me with a particular style, it introduced me to some of my now staple products for my hair.

Hydratherma Naturals products are formulated with natural ingredients to provide your hair with the perfect blend of moisture and protein, the key to maintaining healthy hair. I have been happy with most of the products that I have tried from this line, so it only seemed right for me to do a product review on the latest addition to the collection which is the Aloe Curl Enhancing Cream. The Aloe Curl Enhancing Cream can be used for a wash and go, finger coils, the shingling method, and braid/twist outs. It is made with 11 botanical extracts to give extra hydration.

I’m currently 8 months post big chop of my second hair journey, and I am finally feeling comfortable with wearing twist/braid out styles now that I have some length to play with. I was extremely excited to test a new product geared to twists and braid out styles. To my surprise the Aloe Curl Enhancing Cream shipped to my home within 3 days from a standard online purchase which I consider to be very fast. I waited for hair wash day and prepped my hair as usually.

The smell of this product is amazing. It has a fresh citrus/tropical smell with a hint of lemongrass. The consistency is not too thick or thin. I decided to get my hair braided in an up do, but left some hair out for two strand twists. The directions say to section and apply to soaking wet hair. Some may prefer to use an oil prior to use although it may not be necessary as the product is very hydrating itself. It has an incredible slip which makes hair easy to twist. I found that it actually elongated by hair slightly during use, meaning that I did not get as much shrinkage as I have with other products.

This products does not effect your curl pattern, but it does give a straighter appearance at first, but a finger twirl or roller at the end will help solve that appearance. The following week I decided to use this product with a wash and go style. I did not put anything else in my hair besides this product and my hair felt so soft and did not need any other oils or moisturizers. I must say this will be in continuous rotation, and a little goes a long way.

I give this product a 10 due to the lovely fragrance, moisture that it provides, and longevity of uses I can get out of it. I can only imagine how my hair will respond once I am able to incorporate more styles as my hair grows. Hydratherma Naturals Aloe Curl Enhancing Cream will definitely be kept in rotation and added as one of my staple products. Hydratherma Naturals have products geared to all hair types, but Naturalistas may find a lot of products beneficial to their needs especially when it comes to managing natural hair. To view the entire hair collection, go to HydrathermaNaturals.com.


If you are not a huge fan of gel, you will absolutely love this styling product. This multipurpose cream will give your curls hold without weighing the hair down. It is excellent for braid-outs, twist-outs, rod sets and bantu curls!
• Great for Braid-outs, Twist-outs, Shingling, Bantu Curls and Finger Coils
• Enriched with 11 botanical extracts for extreme hydration
• Holds Curls, Botanically Rich, Extremely Moisturizing, Provides Slip / Anti Breakage
• Keeps curls smooth and frizz free while giving incredible shine.

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