4 Ways To Wear Hats With Big Natural Hair

how to wear hats with an afro

It’s winter time, and hat season is upon us. Graceful girls with straight locks adorn covers of magazines in their long scarves and fluffy hats. Those of us with luscious big curly hair admire with longing, knowing that donning a hat in any season is often a struggle. We wonder how to wear hats with an afro.

Will the hat stay on under all that hair, will the material snag my delicate curls and if I figure those two things out will I find a style that works for me?

Thankfully, we curly girls have each other’s backs. Many bloggers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs have set out to tackle this very issue. Being the ingenious individuals that they are, they’ve also set out to minimize the damage that is caused by the harsh materials of most winter hats.

This winter you have a number of options that will work with almost any hat:

It’s important protect your curls with a silk cap as Bees Honey demonstrates below:

Veteran curly girl Naptural85 shows us a number of ways to style our hair under a beanie:

You can part your hair to make space for your curls, as shown by the lovely HarmoniCurls:

Or, you can go with Slaps, the versatile cap that was designed with curly hair in mind:

So wear your hair in all it’s glory this season, hat and all! Comment below if you have a favorite (hat) trick that wasn’t mentioned.

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