Wash Day Routine for Kids with Kinky Hair

how to wash my kids 4c natural hair

It isn’t easy being a natural hair kid or a mom nurturing one. I’ve learned after six years of washing and styling my daughter’s hair, it’s best to make wash days as painless as possible. By making the process stress free, I’m able to ensure Tiffany enjoys her hair and maintains a positive self-image.

Our family has a YouTube channel, Simply Sims. When I read through viewer comments, the majority are about Tiffany’s hair. “How do you take care of her hair?” “What do you use on her hair?” “How did you grow her hair?”

To answer those questions I decided to film her wash day process. Yes I said process! Natural hair is fragile and requires lots of patience and diligence when manipulating it. Rushing through any step will result in breakage and undesirable results. On average it takes about 4 hours to complete Tiffany’s wash and style routine.


Distractions, Distractions, Distractions!: As a mom, this is the one situation where I intentionally distract my daughter. I suggest one never embarks on a hair care adventure without a few essentials. You will thank me later! Our favorites are: TV, tablets, snacks, and coloring books; anything your child loves. When I keep Tiffany entertained she is less likely to resent sitting for hours on end. A huge upside, she barely responds to any discomfort.


Tiffany has Type 4, kinky hair which can be dry and easily knots. I have found that protective styles help maintain moisture levels and reduce tangles. Our go to protective styles: buns and twists!

Weekly maintenance includes: spraying a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner on her strands, then sealing with oil and/or hair butter. While we still encounter a few tears , implementing these steps into our process has dramatically improved the energy around hair washing days!

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