How I Straighten My Curls Without Heat Damage

how to straighten curly hair without heat damage

I’ve struggled with my curls for as long as I can remember. I’ve had my curls straightened by chemicals treated and irons…yes, an actual iron with an ironing broad and all! Growing up I hated everything about my curls: the frizz, big uncontrollable hair and the shrinkage. To be honest, natural hair wasn’t as understood and accepted as it is now.

My mother gave in to my begging and started relaxing my hair. She only allowed it twice per year, but to me, it wasn’t ever straight enough. Years later I was finally able to relax my own hair as often as I liked. At the first sign of curly roots, a relaxer was in. Over time, I over processed my hair and it became flat, thin and brittle. I knew had to cut it and start over. That was when I fell in love with my curls. Curls were finally being embraced. Black woman everywhere grew to love and appreciate the natural flow and grow of our hairs.

And it was great — but on occasions I do enjoy wearing my hair straight. As you know the process could be damaging, so what was I to do? I had to find a way for my curls and straightened hair to coexist. Thankfully someone introduced me to a product called, CHI Iron Guard, a heat protectant. Was this the answer to my prayers? Was this the mecca of all protectants. I’ve used it several times and my hair had no heat damage (hallelujah). My curls fell right back into place. So, here I will share with you the steps I usually take to achieve the look.


After hair is shampoo and conditioned (deep condition if needed), I saturate the hair with my favorite leave-in product.

I spray the hair thoroughly with the heat protectant.

I comb and divide the hair into four sections with clips to keep the hair in place.

I begin to blow dry each section until I achieve my desired straightness – I find that a blow dryer’s comb works best.

After hair is completely blown dry, I squeeze a dime sized amount of oil throughout the hair – My hair is rather dry from the excessive coloring.

As I pre-heat the flat iron to 300 degrees, I then divide the hair in two sections. Starting from the bottom, I take a small portion and spray the heat protectant again on the individual section – I’m careful not to over wet the hair. Then I begin to straighten the hair by sliding down the iron as quickly as possible and repeat if necessary (Don’t worry, that sizzling sound is not my being fried). Repeat steps until your entire hairs straightened. And there you have it. I hope you like it as much as I do!


• It’s a 10 Keratin Shampoo
• It’s a 10 Daily Moisture Conditioner
• It’s a 10 Leave-in
• It’s a 10 Miracle Oil
• CHI Iron Guard Protectant
Blow Dryer (with comb)
• Flat Iron



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