3 Tips to Make Your Blowout Last in the Winter

how to make your blowout last longer

Whether you spent hours blow drying and styling your hair, or if you paid a professional to do it for you, you want the results of your blowout to last as long as possible. Below are some tips on how to make your blowout last longer in the fall/winter.


Avoid Moisture

Wear a satin scarf, or headband, under your shower cap to further prevent the water and steam from reaching your hair/hairline. Keeping moisture away from your hair will help to preserve your blowout and stop your hair from reverting back to its natural state.


Wrap Hair

At bedtime, put on a satin scarf, or bonnet before you go to sleep. If you have medium to long hair, make sure all of your hair is covered by the scarf. If you’re like me, having hair against your neck while you sleep can make you sweat. Sweating causes your hair to revert. In order to wake up with silky smooth hair in the morning, wrap that hair up!


Minimize Heat Exposure

Reducing the amount of heat you put on your hair can help keep your natural hair healthy. I know it can be tempting to use your flat iron for touch ups, but you should try to avoid it. I like to sleep with four large pin curls in my hair to protect my hair at night and make it slightly wavy in the morning.

You can also sleep with large rollers in your hair to keep your blowout smooth and stretched. When you remove the rollers in the morning, your hair will have a slight curl to it. For those who don’t like their hair curled, don’t worry. The slight curl from the large rollers will fall as the day wears on and it can even add some volume.

How do you keep your hair from reverting back to its natural state?

how to make your blowout last longer


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