4 Reasons Why I Won’t Grow My Curls Past Waist Length!

how to grow curly hair to waist length

When I first went natural I used to see naturals in online forums measuring their hair growth month-to-month religiously. They even had t-shirts with a measuring ruler on the back of it so you could document your hair growth using photos. It seemed like the ultimate achievement as a natural to reach waist length. But now I have a whole new perspective! Are you sure you want to know how to grow curly hair to waist length? Below I share my new found perspective…



how to grow curly hair to waist length

As a working woman, a student, and a small business owner (not even including my YouTube channel) I BARELY have time to eat and sleep! Having curly hair down to my butt is something that just doesn’t appeal to me. I won’t have any time left in my week. I would love to have glorious flowing hair just as much as the next natural but realistically it isn’t practical. This isn’t something often discussed in the natural hair community. Knee-length natural hair seems to be the holy grail for many naturals but is it a goal that sounds better than it really is?!



how-to-grow curly hair to waist length

We all know that natural hair care ain’t cheap. Let’s face it more hair = more product, and more product = more money. Now in the case that my finances grow at the same rate as my hair then things would be okay, but to my knowledge hair and finances don’t always grow in a linear fashion! So at this time I just can’t afford hair longer than waist length and still eat.



how to grow curly hair to waist length

So, let me tell you, I’m scared to straighten my hair or use heat now at this length. So imagine if I had hair past waist length! I would be scared of doing anything that could cause damage to my long tresses. I’d probably end up doing more protective styles and less wash n go’s for fear of causing tangles. I feel like I would become completely paranoid about product ingredients. I’m on the fence with just armpit length hair, so imagine having hair to your butt?! I don’t think I would even want people touching it which leads me to my next point…



how-to-grow curly hair to waist length

Have you ever been walking along and had someone touch your hair randomly? I hadn’t until I reached my current hair stage which is about halfway between armpit length and bra strap length. I couldn’t imagine all the people wanting to touch my hair when it’s at waist length, not to mention longer than that! People will come out of the woodwork to start touching my hair and like most naturals I’m not having it!

So those are my top 4 reasons why I don’t want to grow my hair past waist length. Does anyone think I am just being overdramatic, or is there a method to my madness? Comment below and let me know!


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