How To Achieve Defined Curls On Natural Hair

Two weekends ago, I went to my fellow Curly Ambassador Caressa’s house in order to get ready for a concert in Amsterdam. I asked her if she could do my hair using curl formers. However, she sugggested try something new and promised that my hair would be bouncy and defined.

I was convinced. Especially since I prefer my curls to be highly defined. I couldn’t care less about shrinkage if my curls are defined. The results of this new routine are that my curls are defined until wash day without any manipulation.

To achieve highly defined curls, follow these steps:

• Be sure to thoroughly apply a leave-in conditioner and gel/cur; definer to your curls, by sectioning into small sections and finger combing your hair while applying the products.

• After thoroughly washing and deep conditioning your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner of your choice and finger comb your hair while applying your curl definer of choice. At this point I notice that my curls are softer and easier to detangle.

• The last step is to add a gel/curl definer. I finger detangle each section while applying the gel. I also smoothen each section by moving my hands down in a clapping motion to ensure the product is throughly applied to your hair.

• Embrace the shrinkage. Manipulating you hair constantly in an attempt to gain length will cause breakage and possibly harm the elasticity of your hair.

I hope this routine works out for you!


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