When To Say “Bye-Bye” To Old Products

I know I can’t be the only one with a stash of hair care products that have been collecting dust in the cabinet. You know the ones that you bought to try out because you’ve seen your favorite natural on YouTube use it or products that you’ve received in a subscription box that you just haven’t had a chance to use. Don’t rush off to try to use them now because you might be surprised to see that they’ve expired. Here are a few ways to know when it’s time to toss out your products.


Most products have an expiration date. Check the product labels or the bottom of the product to be sure that it hasn’t expired. While this seems obvious, there are some of you that go past the expiration date because the product still ‘looks ok’. Remember the expiration date is there for a reason don’t disregard this information.


So you go to use a product and you notice a funny smell. It used to smell fruity or sweet and now it smells foul and rancid. Yep, it’s definitely time to toss it. This has happened to me recently, I was using what was my favorite shampoo at the time and when I went to use it, it smelt awful. I just purchased it, and had just used it 2 days prior. I checked the expiration date and it wasn’t expired but for some reason it smelled rancid. Although it was practically a brand new bottle I had to get rid of it.


Any kind of mold or discoloration is a clear sign that a product is no longer good. Products can go bad for a number of reasons but improper storage can quickly shorten the life of your products. Be sure to store them in a cool dry place free from the sunlight.

When I first get a new product and it doesn’t have an expiration date I write the date I purchased it on the product.


Most hair products have an expiration date but if it doesn’t, this doesn’t mean it can be used until it’s all gone. If it smells fine and looks fine that isn’t a green light to continue using it. Ask yourself how long have you had it? When is the last time you used it? If it’s been over a year it’s probably time to throw it out. When I first get a new product and it doesn’t have an expiration date I write the date I purchased it on the product. Obviously the product was setting on a store self before I got it, but at least this will help keep track with how long I’ve had it if I have to question it later.

We love our products, and we don’t want to part with them when we haven’t used them all. Old products aren’t good for your hair. So, take some time to go through your stash of products and pull out anything that has expired or is no longer any good. My rule of thumb is when in doubt throwing it out!

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