Hot Oil Treatment on Natural Hair

Hot oil treatments on natural hair are critical for length retention and healthy hair, so if you’re not doing them you should start! You can use almost any kind of oil that you have, I recommend Coconut oil, or Olive oil because they are both inexpensive and have very beneficial qualities for your hair. In the video above I show you how I do my hot oil treatments, but I have changed a few things since then, so I decided to make the amendments below:

1. Start on wet hair

So in the video I started with my hair, completely dry. I thought it was fine because as you can see I still got amazing shine from my hot oil treatment, but starting on wet hair makes it easier for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. Adding the oil on top seals the moisture in.

2. Steam your hair

I now steam my hair when I do hot oil treatments. I don’t have a steamer but I do have a hot shower! I put warm oil on my hair, cover it with a plastic cap and then I jump in the shower and sweat it out. This takes usually 15-30 minutes of steam and then I rinse, shampoo, and condition. This process makes my hair SUPER soft, shiny, and moisturized

3. Shampoo afterwards

I used to skip shampooing and would just condition my hair, but I found that my hair was weighed down and and my scalp was really itchy. So in my own experience once I started shampooing after my hot oil treatments I find that I have the same benefits without the negative effects.

The oil I use is a combination of the below. All mixed in one bottle:
• Sweet Almond oil
• Tea Tree oil
• Olive Oil
• Castor Oil
• JoJoba Oil


So those are my amendments to my hot oil treatments but I did include my video just so that you can see what kind of results to expect when you’re doing your own hot oil treatments at home. Like I said earlier I recommend using Coconut Oil, or Olive oil because they are pretty inexpensive. Perform hot oil treatments once a month especially in the coming winter months for length retention and shiny hair! Dont forget to check out my YouTube channel for other hints and tips at ChicNaturalNikki.

Until Next time Curlfriends!

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