Agave vs. Honey: Which is Better for Your Natural Hair?

agave nectar on natural hair

One can be used for tequila. The other can be used for your tea. Yet, both also serve an interesting purpose for your natural hair as well. Although both can be used for your hair, which one would be better suited for you? Don’t fret, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of both agave nectar and honey just for you so you don’t have to debate which one should you be using.


Before breaking both treatments and sugar-based products down, let’s clear up what agave actually is and where it comes from. Derived from a plant in the majority of the southwest region, agave is natural nectar that can be used for tequila, an alternative to a sweetener in non-alcoholic drinks, and of course for your hair.

Pros: The great thing about agave nectar is that it is comprised of molecules and ingredients that allow it to attract and hold water much better than most hair treatments. What this means for you is that putting this in your hair will help retain the moisture of not only the products you add, but the water as well.

Using this product with other natural products, fruits or mixtures like a mask is made easier with agave as well since it can be easily spread. Another pro is that once used, your hair feels like baby hair- smooth, clean and refreshed. Thanks to the moisture saved from the agave, your hair is eating good and looking even better.

Cons: Unfortunately, for all the moisture that comes with using agave in your hair, there are also some pretty big cons. The biggest con is that it can be limiting. Many have argued that only in the warm seasons is when you will want to create a mask for your hair. After using this as hair mask, the argument seems valid. For some reason, it doesn’t fare well during the colder months. Also, it is pretty pricey on the natural product scale. If you want to use this product, use it wisely and sparingly. Finally, it’s a bit stickier than honey. Although both will still be a sticky product to work with, agave is a bit more of a strain than honey.

agave nectar on natural hair



Honey is liquid nectar produced by honeybees (honeybees make the most common of honey that gets used for everyday). Extracted from the nectar process of bees, honey can be used for a large variety of things.

Pros: Honey is GREAT for mixing into your hair as a mask and a treatment. It can pretty much work with other products fairly well, and once used, one will notice how clean and soft hair will turn out. It’s amazing how honey can help your hair; it can help grow your hair, strengthen your hair, create thickness…. mixed with the right treatment, honey is a lifesaver. Honey is also easy to find and obtain at reasonable prices. Many will argue which honey is best for your hair, but most honey will still work for your hair, regardless of the brand.

Cons: Honey is FULL of sugars. Sugars that can take away from the moisture you need for your hair. Honey can be great for your hair, but unfortunately, not by itself. Honey needs a counterpart to balance honey out. So, best bet, don’t use this often. As always with any treatment you use, create a schedule but don’t overdo how many masks you make.

Overall, with the pros and cons weighed, the best bet would be the stay with your tried and true. The original nectar found for hair is always the best. This isn’t to say, however, that you definitely shouldn’t mix it up here and there with the agave nectar. Since it’s a perfect alternative, try it out sometime and mix up your hair mask/treatment routine sometime.

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