3 Hairstyles for Faux Locs & Locs

hairstyles for faux locs

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to escape the beautiful images of women with faux locs all over social media. They inspired me to rock my own Goddess faux locs. I now understand the meaning behind Locs of Love! Even though I love these locs, sometimes I get bored with the same old styles, so I decided to experiment with these 3 hairstyles for faux locs.

These are my favorite EASY and FAST hairstyles for medium to long locs, faux Locs, and Goddess faux Locs. You can see these and my other videos on my YouTube channel.

True Top Knot Bun

We all love out top knot buns, but only this one uses an actual knot! Its super easy and cute and tucked the right way you wouldn’t need any bobby pins, although I usually opt-in for extra security

Double Knot Locs

This is another fun on the go style, that will leave everyone wonder how you achieved it. Double Knot locs is an extreamly versatile style the doesn’t pull hard on your hair. (gotta save those edges funny.)

Jumbo Goddess Side Braid

I love A good goddess braid on my hair, so it was a no bainer to do this style. I think the regular goddess braids would be too heavy with all of these heavenly locs, so just one off to the side gives you and edgy, chic spring look!

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video! I also have a tutorial on how I did my goddess Faux Locs easily! So you should head on over to myYoutube Channel and subscribe! Until next time, stay beautiful!

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