5 Hair Tips for Transitioners

hair tips for transitioners

The transitioning process is tough. The struggle goes far beyond your appearance or your cultural background. You’re changing your lifestyle and how you view yourself. Nevertheless, the struggle is beautiful especially when you come out on the other end. I have some tips for you since I’ve been there. I hope these are useful for you:

Big Chop or Not…That is the Question?

The word is out. Your decision is final. You want to see your gorgeous curls grow back! You’ve done some research on the internet and you’ve probably read the majority of transitioners’ blogs and decided to cut your hair off.

It’s not necessary to make the decision to cut all your hair off immediately however, I would recommend it. At the beginning of my transitioning process, I decided to only cut my ends on a monthly basis hoping to eventually get to a fully curly head. In the end, I just went for the semi big chop. I noticed that my first strategy made the process much more difficult for me. I was insecure, I felt bad and I was very, very impatient.

Do Not Start Buying Expensive Hair Products Immediately

Do not forget that relaxers are very, very strong products. The ingredients are meant to make your hair permanently straight. As your hair transitions, don’t be surprised if products don’t work immediately, especially when only your roots are relax-free. I would recommend creating your own leave-in or styling gels out of flax seed. This worked very well for me. Also, pamper your hair with castor oil. Since, castor oil will make your hair grow faster and stronger.

Do Not Compare Yourself

Your friend has gorgeous curls and you’re admiring her. This is okay and even inspiring! However what often happens in these situations is that some women, especially young girls, look at themselves in the mirror and feel bad about their curls. Girl, you are still transitioning!

You’re curls are not at their best yet, give your hair time to recover. Besides, your hair is not the only feature which makes you beautiful! I do not know you, but I know this:

• Eyes are always beautiful!
• A smile lights up your face!
• Your style makes you unique!

After knowing this…how can you find yourself unattractive? You are NOT your hair.

The Mirror Should Not Be An Obsession

Staring every second into the mirror will not make the transitioning process progress any faster. All it does is increase your frustration and impatience.  Been there, done that. Instead channel that mirror time into hair styling sessions.

Use this Experience in Order to Gain Knowledge

Look at that, you just found a great deep conditioning treatment, which makes your hair stronger. Over time, experience will teach you what products work on your hair and which don’t. Enjoy the process. This process enables you to gain so much knowledge about your curls. The hair transitioning process pushes you to try new things in order to improve the health of your hair. It can be annoying at times but you’ll always be learning about your hair so embrace it.

How are you dealing with the transitioning process? Comment below…

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