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hair products for coily hair

In recent months I’ve noticed my hair becoming healthier. I have to attribute this to good hair products, protective hair styling and and overall strong hair regimen. I’m always on the quest to help my fellow naturals, so here’s my breakdown of hair products for coily hair and curly hair! I hope this helps someone.

African Pride – Shea Butter Miracle (Leave-In Conditioner)

Searching for something which helps you moisturize your hair? This is the perfect product. I actually think that this would be a good substitute of the Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus line.

Both products have exactly the same effect on my hair. Nevertheless, the leave-in conditioner of Shea Moisture is a lot more water based. Thus, if you have a very heavy hair texture, you should probably consider this product.

Dark and Lovely – Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Cleansing Conditioner

The fragrance this product has is amazing! This is probably due to its ingredients: Mango oil and bamboo milk. To be honest I’m not sure how the latter one smells, but I know that the former one smells delicious.

This product is for tight curls and coils. What a coincidence, that is how I would describe my hair texture. There is a disadvantage about this product. It does make my hair clump together, the knots are unbelievably painful. Thus, I only use it when braiding or finger coiling my hair. When doing so, my curls POP.

Alter Ego – Coconut Deep Conditioning Mask

This mask is my savior. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit, but after the treatment, my hair is easier to detangle, soft and shiny. In the past, my mother used to purchase this product for my sister who has a slightly different texture. I decided to try it. Consequently, this conditioner is a staple in my bathroom.

Dabur – Amla Oil

I know many people don’t like the smell of this oil… but I love it. This oil motivates growth and helps make my hair super soft. I noticed that my curls became longer and stronger after a few uses. So, I’m super happy! My other favorite oils? Olive oil, Almond oil and Coconut oil.

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Line

I went to the United States in 2014 (I live in the Netherlands). You could probably imagine that this girl here went crazy when it came to purchasing hair products! My hair was damaged because of the chloride in the water in America. But this product line really did some damage control!

Normally, I have to switch products every quarter as my hair becomes resilient to the benefits of the products I use that quarter. But my hair is enjoying the presence of this product line. I use only the conditioners (both regular as well as leave-in); the curl enhancing smoothie and the cleansing conditioner. The shampoo is very expensive in the Netherlands; otherwise I would use it as well. I only use the coconut conditioning mask, when I’m finger coiling or applying finger rods to my hair.

TRESemmé Naturals Line

“Can I get an Amen?!”

This conditioner makes my wash routine a breeze. Finger detangling used to be impossible and would take so long I’d need to sit down. But then Tresemmé Naturals conditioner jumped into my life. Caressa told me that Tresemmé recently changed their ingredients; perhaps some of you were using it and noticed this as well.

I use the shampoo once a week. I often experienced knots when washing with other shampoos. However, this shampoo makes my hair soft and my scalp clean.

Do you also have favorite hair products? Share them with us!



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