How My Hair Crushes Helped Me Get My Best Curls

hair crush natural hair

When returning to back to natural, the first thing one tends to do is admire all the other natural-haired ladies that rock their hair with confidence, style, and beauty. Like most, I have “hair crushes” with enviable kinks and curls.

Taren Guy, Whitney of Naptural85, Ariel of ArielVsCupcake, and Vashti of VeePeeJay are a few of my crushes. They love to rock their natural texture and teach their audiences how to care for their precious strands. By following their advice, I was able to get my “best curls.”

What exactly are your “best curls?” It’s not the easiest thing to define. To put it simply, your best curls are healthy and moisturized, flaunting their unique texture. I’ve learned a lot about my hair through my hair crushes, here are the most important tips I’ve picked up along the way:

1. Your Natural Hair is Unique

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember everyone’s natural hair is different. Texture, length, porosity, and pattern differ from person to person. To get my best curls, I take advice and tips based on my hair type and apply them appropriately.

2. Develop Your Own Hair Regimen

Whitney of Naptural85 taught me a lot about following a hair routine, especially for wash day. Wash day is sooo important in the natural hair community. This is the time to revive your curls, cleanse, restore moisture, and style. A perfect wash day routine is the start to getting your best curls.

3. Have Your Own Opinion

Natural hair is on the come up, y’all. With all the bloggers and vloggers out there, it’s easy for our own opinions to get lost. I’ve learned so much from my hair crushes, but I’ve also learned not to follow the crowd. I don’t have to like a product everyone else likes. If I want to try a technique that’s outside of the norm, I do it. Remember, YOUR hair grows out YOUR scalp. Have your own opinion and keep it classy.

To all the hair crushes: thank you for being an inspiration. May we continue to stalk you on social media and forever comment with the heart eyes emoji.

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