Elaine Welteroth Gets Coveteur’d

We literally took our shoes off and ran over to TheCoveteur.com when we heard that Elaine Welteroth had let them into her closet. For those who don’t know, Elaine is Teen Vogue’s beauty and health editor and we’re obsessed with her Instagram feed because we always get a glimpse into her uber fashionable and edgy New York life. Like when she became Beyoncé for a day

Getting to play dress up in Beyoncé’s actual Grammys gown for a shoot was THE mic drop moment of my career to date. Right after she dropped her visual album and basically stopped the world, I decided to get “Yoncefied” for Teen Vogue’s music issue. Her longtime stylist, Ty Hunter, is a friend. He made some calls and when he showed up to set with THE Michael Costello dress.

Elaine also talks beauty and hair, naturally as she’s about that life. Elaine shares her style secrets and why she currently has her hair in a protective style…

My hair is in braids at the moment, which I love because it takes all of five seconds to swoop them into a half topknot before I run out the door.

Read the full article on The Coveteur.

*Photos and article preview from The Coveteur

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