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dove quench absolute creme serum

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This product and I have a love-hate relationship. I used the Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum on dry 3-day hair. I sectioned my hair in four parts before applying the serum to my frizzy hair and added product from root to tip piece by piece. The serum promises to tame frizz, and increase manageability as wells as added moisture. Unfortunately, it didn’t really tame my frizzy hair. My hair still appeared frizzy after use. But in the product’s defense my hair actually did feel moisturized (note that I had to use a lot of product to distribute the product evenly throughout my hair). You can read the review of Dove’s Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask.

However, it did give me a lot more volume. I was able to re-create my fantastic voluminous signature side ponytail “Tha Linzz”. It also allowed my hair to achieve an incredibly large and bouncy state as I strutted through my New York City neighborhood.

Why I Probably Wouldn’t Use This Product Again?

While my hair did feel moisturized, I generally stay away from products where there is a high percentage of dimethicone. Don’t get me wrong I am not opposed to all cones, not all silicones are bad. However, dimethicone is a man-made silcone oil, often found in hair products. It is not water soluble, which means these cones can not be easily washed from your hair, without using a sulfate-based shampoo or clarifying the hair.

Dimethicones can also prevent moisture from penetrating the hair shaft. For example, if you were spritzing your hair days later after using the product, for added moisture. Chances are the water will not get through or penetrate the hair shaft because the dimethicone will block it. It simply coats the hair and makes it appear shiny and healthy. Since dimethicone is the second product listed on the ingredients list this means dimethicone is very prominent in the product.

Finally, the smell is VERY overpowering and perfumey. I could still smell how strong the product was in my hair 2 days later, which is definitely a no-no, for me. What does it smell like? If you were ever relaxed and used Razac (Perfect for Perms) at one point, the smell is very identical. I have a love-hate relationship with this product.

Scent: Overly aromatic perfume smell
Where Can It Be Purchased:,, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Read more about the Dove Love Your Curls campaign.

Here are my voluminous results – perfectly bouncy hair…


This ‘on-the-go’ leave-in treatment is a fast absorbing, lightweight anti-frizz serum that nourishes hair for ultimate shine and manageability. Its silky crème formula tames frizz and keep curls defined.

Features & Benefits:
• Nourishes
• Shine
• Improved manageability
• Tames frizz
• Defined curls

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