DevaCurl No-Poo & One Condition

devacurl no-poo and one condition

Our Rating

9 Coily Hair

10 Curly Hair

Perfect For Curly 3c Hair!

Ok so let’s talk about the perfect product for shampooing hair that doesn’t dry your hair out, moisturizes and conditions it, doesn’t suds but still cleanses deep without matting your curls. It’s the Devacurl No-poo and One Condition duo.

Now, if your hair is 3b/3c like mine you would think the DevaCurl Decadence would be for you because it does say for “super curly” hair, but just know that the Decadence line is NOT JUST FOR MEDIUM TEXTURE 3b/3c hair. It’s a hair milk meaning tighter textures would love it too. Although it did my curls wonders, it dried my hair flat out. So for coarser/thicker hair, I wouldn’t recommend the Decadence line.

So back to the No-poo & One Condition products. The No-Poo & One Condition states it’s just for curly hair. I wasn’t sure how much I was supposed to use because it doesn’t suds/foam up but I started with a small amount and focused on cleaning my scalp and the just worked it through.

I rinsed my hair in luke warm water and I mean honestly, my hair really felt weird. It was light but felt like there was a waxy substance all over it. Then it hit me, Kody your hair feels moisturized! My problem area is the middle hair (the crown). In this area my curls popped more than usual.

I give the No-Poo a 10 out of 10 because it didn’t dry my hair out, it didn’t foam up, it made my scalp feel really great and didn’t dry my hair out.

The One Condition was next, of course. What I learned and love about this line is that a little definitely goes a long way – it’s so easy to work through! It has a lot of slip, and moisturized my hair too. Another thing I loved is that this product lasted even after 2 weeks (I wash my hair every 2 weeks and condition every 3-5 days depending on the weather.) So all in all, DevaCurl’s No-Poo and One Condition is the perfect match for my 3b/3c curly hair.

I give the One Condition a 9.5 out of 10 because I was expecting it to feel a little bit thicker than the No Poo, and I prefer my conditioners creamy with a thicker consistency.


DevaCurl No-Poo
Keeps hair healthy and hydrated. No-Poo® Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser is our original, best-selling cleanser. The moisturizing, non-lathering formula with peppermint and grapeseed oil, stimulates and cleans the scalp and hair without stripping away the natural oils your curls need. No-Poo leaves you with shiny, bouncy curls that are just plain gorgeous.

DevaCurl One Condition
Locks in moisture for healthy hair. This rich, creamy conditioner is made with moisturizing olive oil and nourishing botanicals to deliver softness and hydration.

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