DevaCurl: Deep Sea Repair Mask

DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair Mask

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This summer I channelled my inner Beyonce and went blonde. Really blonde. Once it started to grow out it was time for a touch up. My initial bleaching session back in May lifted my hair to a dark orangey color causing me to double process. After the initial color treatment my hair was relatively fine but my curls were still in tact. When it was time to touch up my roots things didn’t go as planned.

After a slight hiccup with the hair color and having to process another 2 times in a week to correct some patchiness (7 days apart) the color came out gorgeous. Unfortunately, double processing paired with the dry summer heat of Los Angeles and the awful hard water that runs out of the pipes (unfortunately I’m not able to change my shower head in my apartment and I foolishly didn’t purchase bottled water to wash my hair with) my hair was FRIED and DRIED. It was literally rough to the touch. As you can imagine I was devastated and a little bit terrified.

As fate would have it, the week prior I had received DevaCurl’s brand new masks in the mail. It’s a protein mask which claims to restore and revive curls post hair styling or chemical treatments. It reduces breakage and increases elasticity. At this point I’m thinking “man, what a time!” in my best Drake voice. As a devout DevaCurl fan I was hoping for the best and it was time to put this baby to the test.


Unlike the Heaven in Hair (aka Jesus Juice) or the new Melt Into Moisture, Deep Sea Repair is a lightweight mask you can easily comb through your curls. I had concerns about the consistency at first because I prefer my deep conditioners, treatments or repair masks to be on the thicker side – it just makes me feel like they’re working! But, if you’re a fan of Shea Moisture masks which are typically on the lighter side, you’ll appreciate this one.

Like most DevaCurl products and curly hair products in general, this mask is on the expensive side. An 8oz tube will run you around$36, but due to the container (much like an oversized tube of toothpaste) if you always squeeze from the top of the tube when you use it, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth.


After washing out the toner (applied to tone down the bleach and create the ideal blonde look) I filled the palm of my hand with the Deep Sea Repair mask and applied it liberally to every inch of my hair from my roots to my ends in sections. The bottle calls for 15-20 mins under a shower cap so I pushed it to 30 mins under a plastic cap with a towel wrapped on top to create body heat. I needed maximum moisture and strength.


Upon rinsing it out and t-shirt drying my hair, I felt a noticeable difference. What was once dry and brittle, was now soft and smooth to the touch. Most of my ends were fried beyond repair and had to be trimmed but majority of the strands were immediately hydrated. Of course miracles don’t happen overnight but with consistent use (once or twice a week) I’ve even noticed slightly less breakage!

I really do like the product and it actually does do what it claims however, depending on how damaged your hair is I would give an old school favorite protein mask by Aphogee a try before shelling out almost $40 on Deep Sea Repair for extreme damage and excessive breakage. A lot of my hair was a little too damaged for this product to work it’s miracles but I do plan to revisit Deep Sea Repair as a weekly mask once my hair is a bit healthier and most of the bleach grows out.

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The reviving formula transforms damaged hair, bringing texture and definition back to life with a lightweight look and feel. All curl types are left looking healthy, bouncy and incredibly defined:
• After cleansing, squeeze excess water from the hair and apply the mask in sections
• Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly
• For best results, use heat! Slip on a plastic cap and seat your client under a hooded dryer for up to 20 minutes
• Rinse thoroughly and style as usual
• Use once a week, alternating with your client’s regular One Condition

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