My Dry Detangling Routine: Wet vs. Dry

There are so many benefits to finger detangling dry hair. When your hair is dry, it’s in its strongest state. I could go on and on about the science behind it but I wont bore you to tears with that today – you can read this article on the topic of whether to detangle dry or wet hair. I’m a fan of wet and dry detangling. I do both all the time, and for me deciding how I do my detangling really depends on what kind of mood I’m in and how I plan to style my hair.

Dry Detangling

I detangle my hair when it’s dry in between washes. I then choose styles that lend themselves to stretched hair. Also, when I want a big fluffy twistout or an afro, I detangle my hair dry to avoid shrinkage.

Tips For Dry Detangling

1) Use moisturizer (water to a water-based leave in), but not too much or your hair will revert
2) Finger detangle because it’s the most gentle method (vs. a comb or other tool)
3) Stretch your hair by wearing a bun for a day or two beforehand.

I always use these 3 tips when I detangle my hair dry and I still experience health and growth.

Wet Detangling

I detangle my hair wet only on Wash Day. I will say detangling is a lot faster with the help of running water and a bus load of conditioner, but the shrinkage is what kills me. My afro looks tiny, and I am not a fan of the Wash n’ Go (simply because mine never comes out “right”). But it is definately easier and faster. The time difference between the two methods isn’t much different for me. If you want to see me in action, check out my Video above on how exactly I dry detangle my hair.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to share this post for all of your natural friends. Until next time Curlfriends!

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