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cocotique november 2017

COCOTIQUE is a deluxe beauty box subscription service for women of color. They find the best hair, beauty and lifestyle products targeting your unique needs and desires and ship them to your door each month. Dana Hill, Founder and CEO, created COCOTIQUE to simplify the search and discovery process and save you time and money!

Dana began her career in the fashion and entertainment industry over 20 years ago. Before launching COCOTIQUE, she founded Divine Marketing Group, a boutique PR agency specializing in fashion, jewelry, beauty and lifestyle brands. Prior to that she worked in the fashion departments at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, later transitioning into PR and Marketing as the VP of Marketing & PR for Phat Fashions, Rocawear, and Fetish; with a detour into music at Arista Records.

We wanted to learn more about Dana’s epic career in beauty, fashion and entertainment and how she forged her path in entrepreneurship. You can’t help but feel inspired after reading this!

What inspired you to take the leap and leave Corporate America to become an entrepreneur?

It was important for me to be in control of my own destiny. As an entrepreneur, you chart your own course and you have the ability to make a living following your passion.

Did you have an exit strategy or did you just leave your 9-5 and start working for yourself?

When I initially began working for myself, I launched a PR & Marketing consultancy. Throughout my corporate years, I had been approached to consult on the side. When I left, I was able to tap into this network.

What was your strategy for distinguishing your beauty box from the other beauty/hair boxes out there?

I was focused on creating a luxury experience for women of color to discover the best beauty and hair products. I knew the box and packaging had to have a certain aesthetic to convey this message. Branding was key in separating COCOTIQUE from my competitors.

cocotique november 2017

September 2017 Box

Over the last 10 years we’ve seen beauty marketing towards Black Women become more sophisticated. How did you come up with the branding for COCOTIQUE?

The color story was inspired by a mélange of the classic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas in brown and gold and the brown and gold lusciousness of a Godiva chocolate box. I wanted my subscribers to feel like they were opening an exquisite gift to themselves each month. Hence, the gold tissue paper, sticker, and ribbon.

The hot pink touches and hearts represent the special, feminine side of women and how we must remember the importance of self-care. The special message on the inside lid that says, “We’re obsessed with helping you discover your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal,” is a personal reminder from me to my subscribers of the love and care that goes into our box each month.

Discover Your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal. Get 10% off your COCOTIQUE November 2017 or any future deluxe beauty box subscription from COCOTIQUE.com! Use code BOX10.

Can you share a business challenge you’ve overcome that would help other budding beauty entrepreneurs?

Find a right-hand person who understands your vision and who doesn’t feel like they have to be in any competition with you. Good communication is also essential, so if there are any misunderstandings, it can be nipped in the bud early on. What you don’t want is a situation where issues aren’t discussed and resentment builds to the point of no return.

Make sure you surround yourself with people who are invested in helping you build your brand and most of all are loyal.

As an entrepreneur, you chart your own course and you have the ability to make a living following your passion.

You’re deserted on an island, what 3 beauty products are you wishing would drift ashore?!

An all-over coconut oil infused lotion with SPF – have to protect your skin from the rays! A body wash, and my all-natural, aluminum free, coconut vanilla deodorant – even though I’m by myself, I want to smell good. 😊 As much as I’m a beauty product junkie, in this particular scenario I only need the basics… lol!

You just celebrated Cocotique’s 4th anniversary. Congratulations! What’s next for COCOTIQUE?

This Fall we’ve partnered with SheaMoisture on a special limited-edition box for men. It’s filled with 5 full-sized shaving, beard maintenance and hair & body wash products.

It’s not a subscription box, but will be sold exclusively in our Shop. So, now our ladies can treat the special men in their lives to the COCOTIQUE.com ! Use code BOX10 Experience. We have more exciting collaborations planned for 2018.

Remember to claim your 10% OFF your November 2017 deluxe beauty box subscription (or future box) from COCOTIQUE.com! Use code BOX10.

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