Curlisto: Natural Curls Conditioner

Curlisto Natural Curls Conditioner

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Hey Curl friends! Although I have a pretty structured routine when it comes to my hair, when Curls Understood offered to send me a product to review, I naturally jumped at the chance. Up this week: Curlisto’s Natural Curls Conditioner.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but before I even think about putting a product in my hair, I go straight for the guts: the ingredient list. If you’re a strict Curly Girl, my first recommendation would be to stay away from this product: Silicones. Although they are listed relatively far down in the ingredient list (meaning there is little of them in the actual mixture), there are silicones in this conditioner.

For those of you who are NOT stringent ‘Curly Girl’ followers, silicones can be bad for some curly hair types due to their ability to a) stay on the hair – which can create buildup over time, and b) they tend to seal moisture IN hair, but can also simultaneously seal moisture OUT, as well. Basically, they are something I use sparingly. If you’re interested in more information on silicones and the chemistry behind them, I highly recommend you check out this post.

Now, if you ARE ok with using a product with silicones, let’s continue! First off, this conditioner smells great. Great! Which isn’t normally something I get that concerned about, but it’s a nice little plus when something makes me feel all pretty. I smell coconut, I believe? Which makes me happy.

I used this conditioner in a few ways: as a co-wash, as a conditioner in the shower that I rinsed out, and as a leave-in conditioner. I like my products to be versatile! I also wanted to triple test it before posting a review. So, here are some of the things I noticed:

• This conditioner has incredible slip. If you are looking for something to help detangle in the shower, this will most definitely be a go-to for you.

• They claim that this ‘softens hair’ – my hair is already fairly fine, and pretty slippery soft, but I did notice a slight change in it getting softer. I’m curious to know how it would work on kinkier and coarser hair!

• It rinses out fairly easily, although this could also be due to the water type I have (fairly soft).

• I enjoy that the product line clearly cares about having certified organic extracts, and that they conduct no animal testing.

Overall, I would give this conditioner a 7.5 out of 10; it’s something I would use once in a while to change up products, but I don’t think it would be a regular in my typical rotation due to the silicone content. However, if silicones are your thing, then give it a try! It certainly smells amazing and provides that often elusive slip property that many women are looking for.


Deep penetrating peptides work to strengthen the hair shaft and replenish youthful hair while vitamins and minerals smooth and seal the cuticle to lock in moisture and shine. Protecting your beautiful coils from free radicals, increase elasticity and shine, repair chemical damage and smooth
• Strand Guard Complex- Protects hair from environmental factors that can cause damage to the hair structure
• Hibiscus & Vanilla Cactus Extracts- Soothe and condition the scalp
• Organic White Tea Extract- UV protectants and natural antioxidants that enhance cuticle protection
• Certified Organic Extracts- Deep conditioning properties that increase shine

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