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Curlfriends Seduce Pomade

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A good styling pomade can be your bestfriend when it comes to creating or defining curly hairstyles. The Seduce Pomade by Curlfriends is a new favorite that I’m adding to my regularly used styling products. I’ve been loving the results that I get from using this pomade to create my curly styles. I also like that with this product a little goes a long way, which is always a plus. The consistency of the product is thick but easy to distribute.

My first time using this product my was on damp hair and the next morning I was very pleased with my twist out. I made sure that my hair was completely dry the next day before undoing my twists. Once I styled my twist out I noticed that my curls were defined without being stiff.

My hair didn’t feel super moisturized but it definitely didn’t feel dry. On dry hair, you still have to allow the product to dry before you undo your braids or twists. The product takes at least an hour to dry leaving you with a curl formation.

There’s only a couple of cons I’ve found with this product. It is not good for daily use because it does include petroleum and mineral oil. The product does cause some build up and eventually your hair will be weighed down. However, I can say that about many products.

I would suggest a larger amount of product for those with thicker and longer hair. Though you don’t need al lot of product the size is still kind of small. I’ve used the product a few times and I already feel like I will run out after another couple uses.

Overall, I’d give the Curlfriends Seduce Pomade 7 out of 10. This pomade definitely allows you to achieve nicely formed but soft curls. It also has a light fresh scent which I prefer to most scented products. I’d definitely recommend it as a styling or finishing product for most curly hair types.


Use daily to create texture and define curls without adding crunch or weight. This product gives you immediate super hold. And the all natural formula eliminates frizz and adds a beautiful shine.

• Seduces hair into defined curls that last all day
• Leaves hair soft, shiny and full of body
• Creates the exact texture that curly hair needs for “up” hairstyles
• Lightweight, never leaves hair feeling crunchy

Our Pomade works wonders for women with Wavy, Loose or Spiral Curls. Women with Loose or Spiral Curls should consider using our Seduce Pomade in combination with the Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist for an excellent finish that will last all day. Women with Kinky Curls should try the Shine Hair Gloss to achieve a great finish.

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