Curlfriends: Control Gel

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7 Kinky Hair

7 Coily Hair

No Crunchy Hair!

As someone who isn’t a fan of hair gels, I was pleasantly surprised by the Curlfriends Control Gel. The product suggests that it can be used daily to calm curls and keep out unwanted moisture when air is humid.

I achieved a pretty close to perfect braid out on freshly washed hair the other day incorporating this product. The real test for me was when I used this product to redo my braid out midweek. My hair was not weighed down and no film!

Many gel products leave a film on your hair or make your hair stiff. I wouldn’t use a gel product everyday but you could get away with using Curlfriends Control Gel 2 to 3 times a week. Use a dime size or a bit more on a small to medium section of thick hair and you’re good to go! I would say that this product works best for styles done on damp or wet hair.

My hair definitely felt different when using the product on dry hair. As with most styling products, they’ll be some trial and error. I’ve almost always have had to try out a new product using a couple of different methods. It’s great that Curlfriends provides the recommended use for your hair type on the back of the product.

Considering that you shouldn’t over do it with a styling gel. I’d say the amount of product you get for the price is great! Though the amount of use you will get from any product depends on several factors. I have thick shoulder length natural hair and do not use a styling gel everyday or even every week.

It’ll likely take 1 to 2 months for me to use all of the product. How often and how much product you have to use to achieve your desired results will determine the amount of use you’ll get.


Our top seller for good reason! Use daily to calm curls and lock out unwanted moisture. Completely eliminate frizz in minutes! Leaves hair soft, smooth, shiny; never stiff or crunchy. Control Gel works well on all curly hair types.

• Controls hair during periods of high humidity
• Keeps out unwanted moisture
• Wheat Protein for enhanced curl retention
• Rosemary prevents dandruff and hair loss

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