5 Great Gift Ideas for Naturals

christmas gifts for natural hair

There are so many different ways to celebrate your friendships when you have friends with natural hair. If you need some inspiration for birthday or Christmas gifts for natural hair here are 5 great ideas to get you started. Your friends will thank you later.


Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae introduces us to her satin lined caps, pillowcases, and hair ties. These satin lined caps decrease frizz and prevent stress for your curls. You can wear these satin lined caps with everyday outfits and they would be perfect for a bad hair day. Your best friend will thank you for this one! These start at $29.95, but she does have a clearance section as well.



Headwraps are really beautiful and can be hard to find. They are the perfect gift for the friend that is happy to make a fashion statement. There are many cute ones that you can find on Amazon (like this great one!) or Etsy for under $20. They range in sizes and bandwidths as well as in length.


COCOTIQUE Subscription Box

COCOTIQUE is a great value subscription box ($25 a month) for maybe your mom, sister or any female in your family. This subscription box is affordable and provides you with a variety of sample to full-sized hair, beauty and health/wellness products from established and up-and-coming brands. This will help the receiver of this gift figure out which products work best for her.

Discover Your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal. Get 10% off your Cocotique November 2017 deluxe box (or any future box) from COCOTIQUE.com! Use code BOX10.


Diffuser Attachment

The diffuser attachment can be a game changer for those natural hair friends with super thick hair or those who swear by their wash and go routine. The diffuser attachment allows you to dry your hair faster than letting your wash and go air dry. This is a perfect gift for those cold winter months coming up. This product can be found for a wide range in prices depending on the brand. Most diffuser attachments start at $20 and work on most hairdryers. I love this silicone hair dryer diffuser for just $12.


Portable Hair Dryer

I believe that the portable hair dryer is actually the game-changing product for natural hair ladies. This dryer will allow you to do cute minimal heat styles that will allow your natural hair to look fresh for at least a week. Using this can also be beneficial for those deep conditioning treatments that require heat! Most of these starts at $49.

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