3 Changes To Your Natural Hair Routine When Pregnant!

changes natural hair routine during pregnancy

When I found out that I was pregnant one of the things that came to mind was how I would keep up with my natural hair care. I have been one of the lucky ones who didn’t experience morning sickness. I feel for the natural hair moms to be that aren’t so lucky.

Not to mention it’s currently summer time and I am already less inclined to spend time styling my hair. I know that all of you thick and kinky textured natural hair girls like myself, really feel my pain.

So here are a few simple rules I’m following to keep my natural hair healthy during my pregnancy


Protective Styling Is Always Your Friend

Not only is protective styling great for protecting your hair while allowing it to grow without constant manipulation but it’s perfect for a busy naturalista and/or expectant mother as well. I often twist my hair after washing it and don’t remove those twists for a few days. Then I remove the twists and I have a defined curly style that I can rock for a couple days.

A sleek top bun or high puff are also my go to’s. Just remember to moisturize your natural hair well and don’t leave your hair up more than a few days at a time to avoid breakage. You could definitely opt not to deal with your natural hair at all for awhile by getting braids, wearing a wig or weaved style.


Simplicity Is Key!

Wash days shouldn’t be stressful regardless of if you’re expecting or not. This isn’t the time to try or add new things to your natural hair routine. You can probably skip the tea rinses, home made hair treatments, henna treatments, and anything else that will make your wash day longer than it has to be. That is unless you feel inclined to do these things.

Simply detangle, wash, deep condition, use a good leave in, and style as you desire. Moisturize your hair as you feel the need. Clean and moisturized hair will thrive!


Be Careful What You Consume!

This can be one of the hardest things to do while pregnant. Everything fatty, sweet and salty may come across your mind. After all, you’re eating for two or three in my case. Yes, I’m having twins! THE HUNGER IS REALl! But try to avoid too much random snacking, make sure to eat your veggies and opt for water over soda or juice.

What you consume affects your overall health and also your hair. Plus, prenatal vitamins have been known to be great for overall hair health and growth. So take those vitamins and be mindful of what you’re consuming, then enjoy your natural hair flourishing and your skin glowing!

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