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Ok so maybe I should confess this right away….. My name is Koilyky and I am product junkie. Although that may hold true, there are natural hair brands that have earned their spot as trusted lines for hair care and Carol’s Daughter is one of them. So of course me being a mom of three, two of them being girls I had to try the Carol’s Daughter for Kids collection. I have two toddlers age 1 & 2, and normally I look for products that I can use for both myself and my girls to save money. But this was Carol’s Daughter so I figured hey why not try out well known, and loved brand. Here’s my CD4KIDS reviews of their 3 products from the line:

CD4KIDS includes:
• 8 OZ Shampoo
• 8 oz. conditioner
• 8oz detangler

The shampoo claims to be detangling sulfate –free, the conditioner is comb-free, while the detangler acts as a knot free leave in.

So here are my findings in using this products on my girls.


• Pros- is lightly scented and refreshing
• Doesn’t take much to get a good lather going even though it’s sulfate free
• Water based and didn’t seemed to bother my daughters eyes if an accident occurred while rinsing out


• Pros- my favorite of the three smells so good
• Moisture moisture moisture it’s so moisturizing
• Easy rinse out and leaves child hair soft and super manageable


• Pros- Acts as a leave in conditioner
• Is a spray in and not a pour on?
• Smells refreshing and light


The Pros for all three were price was not bad for kids products you could purchase from your local Target, and all products are Pediatrician tested… At the time we purchased, all three items were on sale. Regular price is $9.00 per item but Target had them on sale all three items for $8.10 per item. Do keep mind you can always purchase these items on the Carols Daughter website


My cons for the CD4KIDs collection remain the same for all three. The SOY PROTEIN seem to harden my girl’s hair especially the shampoo and detangler. Although the conditioner definitely gave their hair moisture and softness, after applying the leave in conditioner I found myself using another detangled by another brand to actually soften my daughter’s hair.

So although Carols Daughter remains a favorite for me in terms of certain products (I love the Mirabelle Plum Collection) and trusted brand for natural hair care line, I was slightly disappointed. I have been natural for 6 years now and because I know your hair changes through the journey I never write a product off. I will continue to use the conditioner on a regular basis as it gets the job done for conditioning, but I will have to revisit the products later on in my girl’s regimen to see if the shampoo and detangler are worth keeping as staple products for my kids.



Kids just want to have fun—even when they’re getting their hair shampooed, nourished and prepared to style! So keep them full of joy with this magical trio that instantly makes even the most fragile hair healthy, soft and easy to manage.

This set includes:
• The extra-gentle CD4KIDS Shampoo strengthens and nourishes even the most delicate hair, so it can reach its full growth potential. 8.5 fl oz
• The moisturizing CD4KIDS Conditioner magically creates incredibly soft hair that’s easy to manage and instantly detangled. 8.0 fl oz
• The leave-in moisturizing CD4KIDS Detangler spray fights breakage and makes styling hair a cinch. 8.5 fl oz

PLUS, No Parabens, No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors

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