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Brandy is a 29 year old native Texan, Houstonian, mother, wife, elementary school teacher, and Style Goddess! Her blog and social sites names Authentically+B chronicle her amazing sense of style, beauty and culture – who says Southern girls don’t know fashion?

1. What inspired you to start your site Authentically+B?

I was inspired to start Authentically+B after my husband and I bought and renovated our 1920’s home. I did so much of the work myself and every time I was around friends, family or anyone who would listen, I would give them the play by play of what I was working on. I realized that I was sharing all these things with so many people and it would be easier to have it in a central place.

My blog also allows me to do all of the things I love all at once. I write, model, style, shoot photography and it all comes together beautifully on It is important to me to provide a positive, nurturing place online where anyone can come and feel capable, and beautiful.

2. How would you describe your style in 5 words?

Authentic, Classic, Minimal, Fierce and Bold

3. Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes?

I shop with various retailers but I find myself frequenting Old Navy, Target, Zara, Forever 21, H&M, and I love thrifting at resale shops. I will check out any place that’s having a great sale too!

4. Who’s behind the camera taking all those wonderful photos of you?

My husband Mike snaps most of my photos for A+B , other photos are from collaborations with various photographers and brands.

5. We love your curls! How long have you been wearing your hair in its curly/natural state?

I’ve been natural for about 6 years. After my initial big chop, I grew my hair out very long. When my son was born I had less patience for the maintenance of a huge afro so I started to experiment with different lengths,cuts, colors, and styles.

6. What are your staple hair products?

I’ve been very fortunate to find a line of products that are natural and that have always worked for my hair. I can’t live with out Shea Moisture. Right now I’m only using the shampoo, conditioner, and the curing soufflé. It leaves my hair incredibly moisturized.


7. What are your favorite hairstyles?

Since I’ve been wearing my hair short for the last few months my favorite style is a very textured curly afro. If I had to pick Any style, I’d say box braids. I never tire of them.

8. For many curly girls it’s a journey to fully understand their hair. It’s a process of trial and error. What was your “Curls Understood™” moment (the moment you felt like, “I’ve got this!” or any essential advice you wish you had known at the beginning of your hair journey)?

My “Curls Understood” moment came not long ago. I had been natural for a little over 4 years when I decided to take my hair on an adventure. I was pretty obsessed with constant styling. It was then that I realized, “it’s just hair!” I should be having fun with it.

I tried so many new things over the last 2 years that I can’t even keep up with them all. I stopped trying to “make” my hair do things and I just let it be how it wanted to be. Now a days out don’t spend more than 5 minutes styling my hair. It is such a time saver and so freeing to just be “Authentically B!”

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