Blake Von D

Blake Von D is a force of nature. Not only is she an intellect with degrees from Spelman and NYU she’s also a much admired fashionista with features on, The Budget Fashionista,, Refinery29 and Fashion Bomb Daily.

Blake Von D is quickly making a name for herself in the world of fashion and in the natural community. She started blogging in 2009 with the mission of celebrating the traditionally uncelebrated — the quiet girl in the corner, the awkward teen whose features most people don’t “get”, the confident rebel refuses to conform.

With her bleach blond teeny weeny afro (twa) and stunning features, Blake is hard to ignore. That’s why we decided to make her our next Concrete Curls feature. She has impeccable style and her hair and make up inspires risk taking.

We can wait for BE by Blake to launch – we’re not sure what this new venture will entail but we hope it’s a fashion line so we can emulate just a little of her fabulosity!

Is the sidewalk your catwalk? Do people regularly tell you that you strut? If so, submit your photos for a Concrete Curls feature at [email protected]. Want more inspiration? Check out Concrete Curls on Tumblr.

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