Feeling Comfortable After the “Big Chop”

Ever since being introduced to my first relaxer, I’ve always admired the look of long, straight hair. Looks can however be deceiving. Without the proper instructions on how to care for my newly chemically processed strands, my bouncy tresses quickly fell dull and lifeless. After only one year I stopped getting relaxers and made the decision to research products that were made for to promote health and growth for curly hair. Little did I know that there were chemicals in products for curly hair that claimed to be “natural” and free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, etc. but that actually turned out just as harmful to my hair in its new state.

I was still visiting salons because I would regularly color my hair. My hair was in better hands but it had not reached its full potential because of the damage and stress I was still putting it through. I decided to stop dying and highlighting my hair and once and for all just wear it in its natural state – free from any permanent chemical – and only straighten it twice a year. Still my hair just wasn’t growing and I felt like I needed to do something drastic.

After much thought I decided to remove all of my brittle locks and start over fresh. I did the “BIG CHOP”. Nothing feels better than having a clean slate and getting a chance to take care of your beautiful curls (the proper way) from the beginning. The instant my stylist cut my hair it looked healthier and moved freely!

My stylist cut about three inches of hair, which might not seem like a lot, but as most of of us curly girls know, hair looks completely different when it is in its curly state. It shrinks and reacts more unpredictable to the elements. I was very comfortable with long hair, it was part of my identity. Getting it cut was a big deal for me, but I was ready for the change.

The day of my big chop I left the salon on a mission to find a way to feel comfortable and love my hair until it reached the length I was aiming to have.

The way I transitioned comfortably was by using protective styles in the form of weaves. I did not use tracks or get sew-ins because I knew how it could potentially damage the hair. Instead, I opted for clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions have come a long way. There are now companies that use real hair and even come in a variety of curly textures. This was my solution for transitioning until I reached my dream length.

After using natural products for my hair, doing the big chop and using clip-ins to have longer hair instantly, I’ve reached a point where I’m more than comfortable wearing my curly, natural hair. Getting the Big Chop does not have to be painful while you transition, there are plenty of innovative ways to help you feel comfortable during the process until you reach your personal hair length goal!

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