A Guide to Coloring Thick Natural Hair

best way to color thick hair

I finally decided to color my hair yet again and don’t get me wrong as much as I loved my dark jet blue-black hair, I finally wanted to change up my look. Now the color that is copper, reddish-brown, and black (in the back of my head) with honey blonde highlights at the top. On top of all of that, I have super thick hair and when it comes to anything dealing with chemicals, my hair will put up a fight with. It took almost 5 hours to fully color my hair plus a trim and blow dry.

Now I’ve been two years natural and I have tried it all (Henna, in-Salon hair coloring, and the not-so-simple hair box dyes). I’m here to give those of you with curly natural hair who love color some helpful tips and tricks on the best way to color thick hair. I’ll also let you know how to find a really cute hair color yet at the same time keeping your hair healthy too.

Moisture Is Key

Even if your hair isn’t colored treated, still make sure your hair has plenty of moisture. Anything from deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, basic oils/butters as well as protein treatments can be the deciding factor when it comes to making sure that your hair has the natural health as well as being able to preserve the color that your hair has currently.

Keeping Your Hair Trim Is Always Needed

I know a lot of naturals can be scared of the scissors but to be honest breakage is the monster that we have to fight every time we decide that we don’t want to trim our hair. Basically to me, breakage can be the one thing that can mess up your length of your hair as well as the health of your color. Keeping your hair rid of those nasty spilt ends will help retain length as well as help deal with fairy knots and all the stuff that can hold our natural hair from flourishing.

My Personal Favorites For Dealing With Colored Treated Hair

1. Herbal Essence “Color Me Happy” Shampoo and Conditioner: this shampoo and conditioner combination is affordable as well as good on the hair. It replenishes all the moisture as well as enough slip to be easy to detangle in the shower. I love this stuff and to be honest my hair can’t get enough of this stuff. This is what I use to co-wash my hair (I stock up on so much conditioner that I have the smaller size shampoo, I just love conditioner and so does my hair!).

2. ORS Hair Mayonnaise: works not just for color treated hair but also damaged hair. This product is a staple for me even when my hair wasn’t color treated. When I color treated my hair is felt super limp and dry but once this hair mayonnaise was in my hair it gave it life all over again and made it feel super strong. And you get a good size for what you pay for.

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Final Thoughts

I feel being natural gives you the freedom to do change you look, and have our own personal style so it should be fun! Don’t worry coloring natural hair isn’t for everyone, but if you are feeling a little bold and want to switch it up for a change then go ahead, play with color. If it is semi, demi or full on permanent color never be afraid to step out the box.

Photo Credit: @RayChillster – Amazing hair color inspiration!

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