Curly Hair Bedtime Routine for Kids

I’m often asked “How have I been able to grow my daughter’s hair so long at such a young age?” My answer is always the same. “There are no magic tricks to retaining length. It all boils down to a simple routine, or regimen.” Each night I follow the same three steps in preparing my daughter’s curly hair for bedtime.

Same Time Every Night

As soon as dinner is finished Tiffany knows it’s hair time. She sits down in “her spot” without blinking and patiently waits for me to begin. This step is especially important for young children. I never wait until she is tried and cranky. It makes for an overall unpleasant experience… for both of us. Seriously, who wants to go through that? I established our 7:00pm time when she was still in diapers.

Moisturize & Seal

This is essential EVERY night. I lightly spray her hair with either plain water, liquid leave-in, or a DIY mix. I then follow up with light oil (coconut, jojoba, avocado, ect.). This step is most important if the hair has been out during the day. It helps to reduce knots and tangles. I then place her hair into 4 jumbo twists. If the hair is in twists or braids don’t skip this step, it maintains moisture levels. However, be sure to use water sparingly, because it will cause frizz.

Protect, Protect, Protect

The final step is a satin bonnet or satin pillow case to protect her natural hair. The friction from rubbing her head on the cotton bedding can lead to breakage and excessive drying. This is why I never allow my daughter to sleep without her satin bonnet. She knows where they are and how to put them on.

Establishing a bedtime routine is a part of the positive message that I want to send to my daughter about her hair. These are easy steps that she can do on her own when she is older. Remember kids love routines and so do parents.


My daughter Tiffany and I!

Main Photo Credit: @zoeandsanai

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