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Tia, aka King Teeuhh, is one of our fearless and fabulous Curly Ambassadors. She’s an engineer by trade but thoroughly enjoys feeding her creative side with beauty, YouTube and her blog at Her blog is a platform to “celebrate the boldness of womanhood,” by encouraging women to live boldly in their desires and fervently pursue their passions. Oh and if you recognize Tia it’s because she was one of our models on a recent FOX 5 appearance to promote the launch of our new eBook! Read on to find out her tips for keeping a mane in tip top shape…

1. Why did you go natural? How long have you been natural?

Honestly, I had a short cut with a relaxer and decided to grow my hair back out. Whenever I’m growing my hair out I just leave it alone and that was really the only reason I stopped getting relaxers. At the moment being natural fits well with my lifestyle so I am going with it. My last relaxer was sometime in 2011, but I’ve been natural most of my life only having relaxed in high school and undergrad.

2. Can you summarize your current hair regimen?

Typically I wash once a week, and I always deep condition anytime I wash (my fave part of wash day). I will wash twice (or wash once and cowash once) a week if I am working out heavily. Lately I’ve been two strand twisting and keeping those throughout the week and doing twist outs towards the end of the week to cut down on over-manipulating. I hope to incorporate more prepooing going forward.

3. What are your staple hair products? Which could you not live without and why?!

Right now my staple hair products are the Healthy Hair line from Jane Carter and the rapid recovery, curly buttercreme, and the leave-in condish from Miss Jessie’s. I cannot live without the rapid recovery deep conditioner from Miss Jessie’s because it leaves my hair so soft and moisturized and smells AMAZING. It is definitely my favorite deep conditioner hands down.


4. What are you favorite/go-to hairstyles?

My favorite hairstyles are wand curls (that I achieve with perm rods) for a glam/romantic look, for everyday–two strand twists and twist outs, and for when everything seems to be going wrong, a sleek puff is always my go to style.

5. What are your hair goals for 2017?

My hair goals for 2017 are definitely length retention and overall hair health. Since I am color treated maintaining a good balance of moisture is always a top priority to prevent breakage.

6. Who is your celeb curl crush?

I would say my celeb curl crush is one of my favorite youtubers, Natural Neicey. Even though she has a different texture of hair, I love the volume of her hair and I hope to achieve that curly length/volume sometime soon.

7. For many naturals it’s a journey to fully understand their hair. It’s a process of trial and error. What was your “Curls Understood” moment (the moment you felt like, “I’ve got this!” or any essential advice you wish you had known at the beginning of your hair journey)?

I started doing my own hair in the 4th grade because my mother couldn’t braid. I taught myself to cornrow using my doll babies heads and I got really good at cornrowing after a while. That was my “I’ve got this moment”. There was no youtube back then so it really made me fearless when it came to my hair because I felt like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t teach myself to do even if it took a few tries.

The essential advice I would give is try it. You’d be surprised and what you can do (and do well) if you just try. At a young age hair empowered me to take ownership and not feel that I had to depend on others to look how I wanted and that’s an amazing feeling that you can transfer in all areas of life.

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