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As a natural hair blogger and overall hair enthusiast, I have to say there isn’t a hair hack I haven’t tried (well, I can almost say that). One of the natural hair rules that come to mind is the process of sealing moisture into the hair, by way of oil.

As someone who is NOT a fan of oils because my hair would look limp and greasy post oil slick down, I tend not to seal my hair post washing; until I discovered Be Kekoa’s Tamanu Oil. Tamanu oil has many benefits overall, such as treating and improving skin conditions such as, stretch marks, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and eczema; its essentially a skin god send. It works just as well on hair!

This high quality oil promotes hair growth, heals split ends, strengthens thinning edges, and protects hair from UV rays. Sounds like a win-win!

Be Kekoa collaborated with small family farms in Huahine an island located among the Society Islands, in French Polynesia to develop the BeKekoa Tamanu Oil. Brandie Bekekoa, stylist, salon owner, hair guru (and if she isn’t already, she should be your curl friend in your head!) worked hard to make sure that her Tamanu Oil products were fair trade certified.

What does this mean? Fair trade is a partnership between producers and consumers to ensure that the producers in developing countries receive fair trading conditions that will help improve and sustain their livelihood. Many companies do not participate in fair trade agreements, which is what makes this product extra special!

Most recently, Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil Blends have hit shelves. The oil consists of 100% Tamanu Oil with a few drops of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, that improves the very aromatic smell of pure Tamanu oil. A few different types of oil blends have specific duties, which is pretty cool because it helps fulfill your hair’s specific needs. For example:

Essential Oil Selections & Their Healing Properties:

• Dry scalp- geranium, lavender, rosemary, Hawaiian Sandalwood
• Greasy or brittle hair- Hawaiian Sandalwood, juniper berry, lavender, lemon
• Hair growth-Hawaiian Sandalwood, geranium, ginger, lavender, rosemary
• Combat Hair loss- Hawaiian Sandalwood, geranium, ginger, lavender, grapefruit, lemon

Now, how do I use this product?

I love this product because it essentially helped me improve my single strand knot issue (the bane of every natural girl’s existence). HOW SWAY? I use the Tamanu Oil or the Tamanu Oil Blend to seal my hair once I spray it with my mix of a moisturizing leave in conditioner and bottled spring water.

I run the oil throughout my hair, from root to tip, adding a bit more to the ends. I allow my hair to air dry and in the morning I lightly coat my fingertips with the Tamanu oil and separate each curl and twirl my hair around my finger; essentially coating my ends with the oil for protection. This quick and easy process rids the shed or dead hair that may have gotten locked into my curls while styling.

The oil does not make your hair greasy or weigh the hair down; it actually helps the hair appear thicker and fluffier. I also massage my scalp and edges with the oil every two days, to reduce the possibility of thinning. Needless to say Bekekoa Tamanu Oil has been extremely beneficial in helping me retain length, ridding single strand knots, keeping my hair moisturized and combatting potential hair loss (post my significant weight loss).

Seriously, as someone who typically dislikes using oil and never really believed in using oil to seal in moisture (I’m typically an aloe vera gel sealant kind of girl), Bekekoa Tamanu Oil and Tamanu Oil Blends has changed the health of my hair for the better. The oil keeps my hair shiny, moisturized and flourishing. It has become a staple in my hair arsenal and I strongly believe it should be a staple in yours.

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