Banding Method for Fine or Medium Natural Hair

Hey there, Curlfriends! I’m sharing with you a banding method for fine natural hair (also works on medium density hair too). The Banding Method is a technique used to stretch natural curls. There are many variations to this method but I’ve shared with you a technique that works best for medium/fine curls.

Typically, I like to do the Banding Method during the day over the course of a few hours because I find that I get the best results. I have tried the Banding Method over night and it stretched my curls too much and I didn’t like my results. You don’t want your hair to look like it lacks volume because its too stretched or straight.

So after much trial and error I have found a variation of the Banding Method that works for medium/fine curls. I hope that this video helps you in any way. Have you tried the Banding Method? What variation did you try? Lets chat!

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