Ava DuVernay, Oprah Winfrey & David Oyelowo Cover VARIETY

You’d have to be hidden under a rock not to of heard the talk about the groundbreaking movie SELMA directed by Ava DuVernay, produced and starring Oprah Winfrey and starring David Oyelowo as Malcolm Luther King Jr. The film is creating a buzz A. because it’s so good, B. because of it’s talented female director (who has a Real shot to become the first black woman nominated in the director category for the Oscars) and C. because the film couldn’t have come at a more powerful time – Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Ezell Ford (the list goes on).

Variety Magazine has put the three stars on its cover and rightfully so. Here’s what each had to say about their role in the making of SELMA…


When events around Ferguson began, I figured the film was going to be a reminder of organizational tactics and strategies we can apply to the idea of civil disobedience. We’re trying to figure out how this all works together at this point. But there’s something brewing, this collaborative energy for change.


Divine timing is what it is. You get to see the magnitude and power of their discipline and strategy. And also, in the end, that they called on love. When (King) called on those clergy from all over the country, they actually came and (were willing to give) up their lives.


I was really drawn to this man [MLK] — to the self-sacrifice, the notion of love in the face of hate. As a man of faith, the things that he held dear were the things that lodged in my spirit.

Special shout-out to Felicia Leatherwood who hooked up Ava DuVernay’s locs. They look divine! You can read more about Felici and how she became the go-to stylist for naturals is Hollywood.

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