What Is Considered An Appropriate Hair Color To Wear At Work?

appropriate hair color for work

I wanted to discuss this topic with you all and to see what your views are on this matter. While wearing my hair natural, I became conscious that certain hairstyles were not considered appropriate for work. People may not say it directly to you, but their expression says it all. So along those lines, what is the appropriate hair color for work?

It sounds like a ridiculous topic as my hair color shouldn’t bother anyone. And it certainly won’t affect my work performance! I worked for a large organization that dealt with stocks and shares. We had big clients attend our office regularly, and therefore, we had to dress presentably and appropriately in order to make the company look professional. I had a colleague that dyed her hair bright red. This proved to be a major problem with the managers, as they felt that the look was not considered presentable or in line with organization’s brand.

My colleague was pulled aside, but was not willing to change her hair color for the good of the organization. She asked what hair color is deemed reasonable, and if dying your hair had an affect on her work performance? They didn’t really have an answer.

Hair colors has a way of influencing how people perceive you as a person. We dye our hair because we want a change, we want something different or perhaps we want to stand out from the crowd. And why not? Well, you are instantly judged on your appearance when attending a job interview. Everything from your clothes to your mannerisms are under the microscope. Unless you work in a specific industry, such as the entertainment industry or fashion, a bright hair color will likely diminish your chances.

If you excelled in your interview and you answered your questions flawlessly, I would hope this would matter more than the colour of your hair, but I could be wrong! Work places have rules, regulations and dress codes. You are expected to use your best judgement when considering what to wear, how you style your hair and how you interact with your co-workers.

If you work in a more traditional work environment and must dye your hair, there are natural colours like black, brown, blond, natural red and grey. These are considered okay for most work places.

So before you reach for that hot pink or electric blue hair dye, consider the environment you work in and whether the change will be worth the damage it could do to your professional reputation. Do leave a comment. I would love to hear your point of views!


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